By Jake Sisson

Dan Timmerman and Mary McConneloug look like strong favorites to take home their respective Verge New England Cyclocross Championships Series titles after each took home strong victories at day one of the NBX Gran Prix in Warwick, Rhode Island. Rain and cold made for miserable conditions, and much of the course turned to a greasy mud pit. Crashes and mechanicals were common, and it was Timmerman and McConneloug who were able to best navigate the treacherous course.

The drama in the men’s race began early on, when podium contender Justin Lindine (’s Garage/IF) crashed only minutes into the race, taking Timmerman with him. Timmerman was relegated to the bottom quarter of the field while Lindine found himself dead last. Ahead, Adam Myerson (Cycle-Smart) and Luke Keough (Champion Systems) forged ahead, hoping to capitalize on their advantageous position. Before long, however, Timmerman began to work his way through the pack and found himself on the wheel of Myerson, Keough and Timmerman’s teammate, Josh Dillon. Not be outdone,  Lindine soon arrived at the front, but not in time to stay with Timmerman, who sensed his presence and took off on his own.

Timmerman extended his lead with every pedal stroke, while Myerson and Lindine, who dispatched first Dillon and then Keough, did battle until the race’s final straightaway. Myerson, a sprinter of some merit, led Lindine into the final turn, taking the sprint for second. Behind, Dillon, who had faded at first, rediscovered his legs and managed to catch and pass Keough for fourth. Timmerman, however, was the man of the hour, further extending his lead in the NECCS overall standings, a lead which he had already put beyond any challenge before the weekend had even started.

The women’s race was settled with significantly less drama than the men’s event. It only took Mary McConneloug half a lap to distance the rest of the women’s field, escaping for her sixth victory of the year. Behind, Laura Van Gilder (C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes) and Andrea Smith (Minuteman Road Club) were the two strongest challengers, and rode together for the better half of the race. Van Gilder’s power eventually proved too strong for Smith, and Van Gilder was able to inch away for a silver medal. Smith valiantly hung on for third. After grabbing the holeshot, Anna Barensfeld (Minuteman Road Club) rode a fantastic race to hold on to fourth, just ahead of Gesa Brickman (Stevens Racing Team), who moved up through the field for fifth.

Elite Men’s Results

Place U23 Time First Name Last Name Team
1 1:01:53 Dan Timmerman RICHARD SACHS – RGM WATCHES – RADIX
2 1:02:19 Adam Myerson Cycle-Smart
3 1:02:22 Justin Lindine / Joe’s Garage / IF
5 1 1:03:32 Luke Keough Team Champion System
6 1:03:57 Dylan McNicholas CCb Racing
7 1:04:29 William Dugan RICHARD SACHS – RGM WATCHES – RADIX
8 1:04:51 Michael Broderick KENDA-Seven-NoTubes
9 1:04:58 Alec Donahue Cycle-Smart / NCC
10 1:05:06 Nathan Chown handlebars CC
11 2 1:05:22 Patrick Bradley Rutgers University Cycling Team
12 1:05:27 Adam Snyder Team Jamis
13 1:05:30 David Wilcox Geekhouse Bikes / Boston Rock Gym
14 1:06:16 John Hanson IF/Lionette’s
15 1:06:25 Damian Schmitt Sunnyside Sports
16 1:06:29 Peter Bradshaw Embrocation Cycling Journal
17 1:06:32 Pavel Gonda NYU
18 1:06:40 Chad Wells Hudz/Subaru
19 1:07:17 Pete Smith Embrocation Cycling Journal / Mad Alchemy
20 1:07:22 Shawn Marshall Les Rouleurs de l’Outaouais
21 1:07:38 John Burns
22 1:09:13 Christopher Hamlin UVM Cycling
23 1:09:17 Adam Sullivan Cycle-Smart / NCC
24 1:09:35 James Newton Minuteman Road Club
25 1:10:14 Peter Rubijono Embrocation/IGLEHEART/MadAlchemy
26 1:10:20 Michael Rea NorEast Cycling
27 1:10:49 Colin Reuter International Bicycle/
28 3 1L Matthew Green Spooky Bikes
29 4 1L Noah Tautfest Bicycle Express

Elite Women’s Results

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Place Time First Name Last Name Team
1 0:42:38 Mary McConneloug KENDA-Seven-NoTubes
2 0:43:10 Laura Van Gilder C3 Athletes Serving Athletes
3 0:43:29 Andrea Smith Minuteman Road Club
4 0:44:05 Anna Barensfeld Minuteman Road Club
5 0:44:17 Gesa Brickman Stevens Racing Team
6 0:44:35 Ann D’Ambruoso Minuteman Road Club
7 0:44:49 Sally Annis Hub Racing
8 0:44:49 Linnea Koons October Factory Racing
9 0:44:55 Rebecca Wellons Team Plan C
10 0:45:14 Perri Mertens Embrocation Cycling Journal / Mad Alchemy
11 0:45:24 Amanda Carey Kenda/
12 0:45:53 Rebecca Blatt US Army/ Central Wheel
13 0:46:02 Frances Morrison Cycle-Smart/NCC
14 0:46:13 Anna Milkowski / Joe’s Garage / IF
15 0:46:23 Christina Tamilio Minuteman Road Club
16 0:46:34 Crystal Anthony Minuteman Road Club
17 0:47:20 Allison Snooks Minuteman Road Club
18 0:47:30 Karin Holmes Sunapee S&W
19 0:47:46 Emma Bast Cycle-Smart / NCC
20 0:47:54 Bryna Nestor Anthem Sports
21 0:49:32 Natalia Gardiol Cambridge Bicycle / Igleheart Frames
22 0:50:01 Anna McLoon Harvard University Cycling Association
23 0:50:01 Clara Kelly NEBC/Devonshire Dental