Throwback Thursdays always have us spending hours on end watching old race footage or sorting through images and generally re-living cyclocross days long gone. Often times, when we run across an old race, we watch it and comment on the riders, their results and of course the equipment.

For this week’s Throwback Thursday we thought we’d share the the 1995 Cyclocross World Championships. The rainbow jersey was taken by Switzerland’s Dieter Runkel, ahead of Dutchman Richard Groenendaal and Runkel’s countryman Beat Wabel.

Runkel is thought to be the first to win Worlds on clipless pedals and many refer to top-mounted brake levers as Runkel Levers, after the champion’s use of them in this very race. Chris Bagg has a great article on the history of Swiss cyclocross in Cyclocross Magazine issue 15 and talks about Runkel there.

The 1995 championships, posted to YouTube by cChunkstardeluxe back in November 2012, is presented here in five roughly equal parts.

Take some time from your day to see how the Elites got it done some 21 years ago in the videos, below and see all our Throwback Thursdays here.

There’s still top-level UCI cyclocross racing in Eschenbach, with the EKZ Cross Tour holding races there with downhills so challenging some top pros run them: