The first destination of the World Cup took place in Tabor.

The men’s race began with Lars van der Haar (Telenet Baloise Lions) getting the holeshot.

Wout van Aert (Jumbo-Visma) didn’t get the best start due to the congestion early in the race. After he got out, he seemed to be playing a slower game, pacing himself early on similar to how he did yesterday at X2O Trophy Kortrijk.

Sweeck (Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal) led the race early on, creating a gap between himself and Toon Aerts (Telenet Baloise Lions). As the lap neared its end, Toon Aerts overtook Sweeck and pushed the pace.

In the second lap, Van Aert began pushing his pace. The Belgian racer used the tarmac sections to his advantage and moved up to fifth place, passing Van der Haar.

Sweeck lost his place when he went OTB whilst bunnyhopping over a hurdle. The medical team rushed over and he took a short break before getting back into things.

In a matter of seconds, the race took a big turn. Michael Vanthourenhout (Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal) began leading the race and Van Aert’s distinct Bianchi could be seen chasing Vanthourenhout’s wheel moments after.

By this point, Sweeck had resumed but was left in 40th place, far from where he started.

In the fourth lap, Daan Soete (Group Hens – Maes Containers) took the lead. Viewers were anticipating an attack from Van Aert but he remained in the pack instead.

Vanthourenhout, on the other hand, decided to make his first attack nearing the end of the fourth lap in order to separate himself from British champion Tom Pidcock (Trinity Racing), who was starting to close in.

Van Aert was now leading the Vanthourenhout chase-group, whose attack placed him far ahead of the others. If Vanthourenhout was trying to get rid of Pidcock, he was definitely successful because Pidcock slid out on a bank. The fall was not serious by any means but he took a hit in time.

By the end of the fifth lap, Eli Iserbyt (Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal) was in second, leading the group to chase Vanthourenhout. However, they were still 15 seconds behind Vanthourenhout.

In the sixth lap, Iserbyt picked up his pace and distanced himself from the group. This just left Van Aert and Aerts fighting for third. By the end of the lap, he had reduced the gap from 15 seconds to a mere three.

The seventh lap saw the gap close entirely. Iserbyt was now on Vanthourenhout’s wheel and the two were battling for the lead.

As the final lap began, Iserbyt led the race. The two teammates juggled for the lead but Iserbyt slid on a bank. Vanthourenhout took the opportunity to regain his lead.

Van Aert managed to ditch Aerts when Aerts had a slip-up. At this point, Vanthourenhout was in first, Iserbyt in second and Van Aert not too far behind.

Iserbyt started to catch back up and, in response, Vanthourenhout made yet another attack. Vanthourenhout gained three seconds on Iserbyt and sealed the race. As he reached the tarmac, he prepared his victory dance and crossed the finish line, winning his first-ever World Cup in the Elite Men’s class.

Full results below.

2020-2021 World Cup Tabor Results: Elite Men

111VANTHOURENHOUT MichaelBEL271:02:43
28ISERBYT EliBEL231:02:48
317VAN AERT WoutBEL261:02:55
410AERTS ToonBEL271:03:01
52VAN DER HAAR LarsNED291:03:04
63VAN KESSEL CorneNED291:03:34
712HERMANS QuintenBEL251:03:44
816SOETE DaanBEL261:03:48
918KUHN KevinSUI221:04:10
1015SWEECK DietherBEL271:04:25
1114BAESTAENS VincentBEL311:04:32
1224MENUT DavidFRA281:04:33
1313AERTS ThijsBEL241:04:41
149SWEECK LaurensBEL271:04:46
1535DORIGONI JakobITA221:04:48
1633SUAREZ FERNANDEZ KevinESP261:04:49
1740PIDCOCK ThomasGBR211:04:54
1825DUBAU JoshuaFRA241:05:01
1919RÜEGG TimonSUI241:05:29
2043MEISEN MarcelGER311:05:41
2123CHAINEL SteveFRA371:05:49
224VAN DER POEL DavidNED281:05:53
2337BERTOLINI GioeleITA251:05:53
245GODRIE StanNED271:06:27
2536SAMPARISI NicolasITA281:06:28
2621BOROŠ MichaelCZE281:06:34
2727GRAS YanFRA241:06:36
2820MOTTIEZ GillesSUI231:06:46
297VAN DER MEER GosseNED251:06:49
3129PHILIBERT AurélienFRA251:07:42
326VAN DER HEIJDEN MaikNED231:08:17
3328DUBAU LucasFRA241:08:26
3422MAYER DanielCZE231:08:42
3526CRISPIN MickaëlFRA221:09:58
3630MORICHON MathieuFRA251:12:53
3738SAMPARISI LorenzoITA27
3842HÄHNEL FrederikGER24