Hardwick Gregg taking the win in Men's 60-64 at 2014 Nationals. © Steve Anderson

Hardwick Gregg taking the win in Men’s 60-64 at 2014 Nationals. © Steve Anderson

In the first race of the day, Hardwick Gregg (really, that’s the correct name!) took the win in a dominant fashion, despite his lack of cold race experience—he’s from Alabama.

On his name… If it sounds backwards, you have it right. If it sounds right, you have it backwards.

On the course… I did race at Madison last January, which was even worse, so I have that little bit of experience. This course, today, was actually much, much better. Better than even yesterday.

On finding out he was leading… He [the announcer] was talking about the leaders and he kept saying my name. I thought that he had it wrong. I thought I was about fourth or fifth, and then we got one to go. He said ‘Doug Long, Gregg Hardwick, battling for first,’ and I said, geeze, it must be it. I’m right here, he’s right there.”

On tactics… I think I rode pretty smoothly. I had to put my foot down two or three times and I only went down once on the turn going into the start/finish straight on the second lap.

On the win… I was very, very pleased and really just amazed at how well that went for me. It hasn’t even hit. I’m totally shocked.

On cantis versus discs… When it’s real sloppy like this I almost think you don’t need a whole lot of brake, it’s like you can over-brake. If you brake too much, you’re worse off. It’s almost as if you have crappy brakes, you’re good. You don’t want to lock it up. You want the tires rolling all the time.”

On expectations… I was thinking between 10th and 15th, 16th would be a good result for me. I did not really think I would get in the top ten. I would have been really pleased if I had gotten 9th or 10th to be perfectly honest. Keep in mind I got 28th last year.”

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