Wyman took an early lead. © Elisabeth Reinkordt

Wyman wrote the op-ed about changing UCI rules to make women’s cycling more fair. © Elisabeth Reinkordt

Currently the UCI has a rule making national federations send their top three male cyclists to World Championships if they are ranked in the top 50 internationally. The rule does not exist on the women’s side. Thus, this year in 2013, fewer of the world’s top 50 ranked female cyclists are traveling to Louisville for the World Championship, despite having the finances to do so and the ability to be competitive on the world stage.

The UCI should change this rule to apply to women. It will cost nothing to the UCI or the national federations, and will raise the level of competition at the World Championship race. Following Helen Wyman’s Op-Ed in VeloNews calling for this change yesterday, more than 1,100 people have signed a petition to the UCI requesting the same.