Tired of the watching ‘cross videos of races past? Get out your time zone converters and set your alarm clock for live, Euro ‘cross on the net. The Superprestige series is coming to your early morning house party. Full details below.
All Eight Races Superprestige Cyclo-cross Live and Free on Internet

From Sunday October 12th on, Belgian TV Channel VT4 presents live streaming of the Superprestige Cyclo-cross races. This means everybody can watch the race online on

On Sunday, October 12th, VT4 begins the cyclo-cross season with the first race of the Superprestige in Ruddervoorde, Belgium. Last season, the live action on VT4 was a huge success. Cyclo-cross specialist Philippe Maertens will give live commentary and will be assisted by an analyst from the cyclo-cross world. In Ruddervoorde (evening race), that role will be for former cyclo-cross rider Tom Vannoppen. Later in the season Marc Janssens, four times Belgian champion, will take the role of co-commentator as well.

Tom Vannoppen ended his cyclo-cross career in June this year. Six years ago, he captured the silver medal at the Elite World Championships in Zolder and he won the classical cross of Overijse. In 2004, he was the best in the Superprestige race in Sint-Michielsgestel, in the Netherlands.

Thanks to the huge success of last year’s cyclo-cross on VT4, the Belgian (Flemish) TV-channel decided to extend the contract with the organizers of the Superprestige for three more years, with an option for a fourth year. VT4 also retains the two evening stages in Ruddervoorde and Diegem. In Ruddervoorde, the race starts at 5 PM local time (start broadcasting at 4.30 PM). In Diegem the start will be postponed to 5.30 PM (start broadcasting at 5 PM). All other races start at 3 PM, with start broadcasting at 2.30 PM and ending around 4.20 PM.

Overview of all Superprestige races 2008-2009:
Ruddervoorde (Belgium) Sunday October 12th
Eerde-Veghel (Netherlands) Sunday November 2nd
Hamme-Zogge (Belgium) Sunday November 23rd
Gavere (Belgium) Sunday November 16th
Gieten (Netherlands) Sunday November 30th
Diegem (Belgium) Sunday December 28th
Hoogstraten (Belgium) Sunday February 8th
Vorselaar (Belgium) Sunday February 15th