No shirt, no problem. © Janet Hill

No shirt, no sanctioning, no problem. © Janet Hill

2010 Race Report:

Simms Edges Studley, MacKenzie Takes His Third SSCXWC – UPDATED: Even MORE Photos, Video!: Sasquatch, a bunny, a macropod couple and other randomly-dressed riders comprised the peloton as the serious racers raced, and the not-so-serious looked for that first beer hand up. This, for many, would come after the steep and rocky run-up added to the course just for the SSCXWC race. A six-pack of barriers lined with PBR-spewing spectators awaited as the leaders came through, and a steady stream of beer rained down on the masses. The parade would continue as the costumed riders made their way down the gauntlet and stopped to consume the 16oz refreshments or just merely took them to go. Either way, everyone had a chance to sample the sponsor’s suds and move on for more fun in the mud.

Yeti? Why not. © Kenton Berg

Yeti? Why not. © Kenton Berg