SSCXWC 2007 - Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships - © Cyclocross Magazine

Barry Wicks “beat” Ryan Trebon and Adam Craig at the first SSCXWC in 2007 © Cyclocross Magazine

2007 Race Report

Single Speed World Champs “Crowned” in Portland: Over 140 riders contested the inaugural Single Speed World Championships ( SSCXWC) in Portland. Hosted by River City Bicycles and the infamous and popular Cross Crusade series, the race had a bit of serious racing combined with a huge focus on fun. Riders qualified for Sunday’s main event through a one-lap prologue time trial on Saturday, but had a few options to lower their time via an off-road decent on aero-bars, and successfully bunny hopping barriers with a six pack of beer. The top 56 riders based on adjusted time qualified, but slower folks had a few more chances to participate in the big event by whining to promoters, chugging beer under 3 seconds, or racing a “last chance” mass start qualifying race, with the top 15 moving on. And if you were a big-named pro, you could skip Saturday’s festivities entirely (but why would you want to miss the fun?) and weasel your way into Sunday’s race. Ryan Trebon and Barry Wicks qualified 1-2, with Shannon Skerrit coming in right behind the Kona boys. Top times were just under 8 minutes, with the qualifying cutoff at 9:18 for the men.