SRAM RED 22 and S-700 hydraulic disc brake and rim brake recall.

SRAM RED 22 and S-700 hydraulic disc brake and rim brake recall.

Remember the SRAM recall of their hydraulic disc road brakes? Well, it’s almost over, and new MY15 (that’s model year 15) brakes will be available in six weeks. And if you’re one of the impacted riders, you may have seen their latest Q&A message about the brakes, but if you haven’t, we have it all here for you.

Can I ride my SRAM road hydraulic brakes in warm weather?

No, the recall affects all SRAM road hydraulic brakes regardless of weather conditions.

When will new Model Year 2015 (MY15) brakes be available?

We are targeting for new MY15 hydraulic product to begin being available the second half of April 2014. Our first priority shipments will be going to the market to support consumers who already have a bike awaiting replacement hydraulics.

Can I keep my interim mechanical brakes?

We hope that you will choose to get back on road hydraulic brakes, as we are firmly committed to the technology. If you choose to have the new MY15 hydraulic brakes installed, the mechanical brakes will come back to SRAM and we will pay the shipping cost. If you choose to not to accept the new MY15 hydraulic replacement brakes, you can keep your mechanical interim brakes and SRAM will send you a check for US$200 or EUR150 (Europe) by electronic transfer, the difference in value.

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[SRAM notes that the first step for those enthusiasts affected is to visit and register on the recall website to receive regular updates.]