CXM Labs is testing a SRAM S975 Quurq

A consolidation is happening in the power meter market. With Garmin buying and further developing the pedal-based Metrigear and Look teaming up with Polar for another pedal-based system, SRAM wanted in on the action. Quarq is one of the power meter leaders, along with Power Tap and SRM.

“We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership represents for further innovation and integration of bicycle components and power measurement,” stated Dan Stay, CEO of SRAM. “Quarq’s growth has been impressive and their technology and product base are strong. Power measurement represents a rapidly growing segment of the cycling market and we are excited to have partnered with a leading brand in Quarq, and a technology pioneer in Jim Meyer.”

Not only is the SRAM side of the aisle excited about the partnership, but so is Quarq. Meyer said, “We started Quarq five years ago to push forward power meter technology. We have had wonderful success to date and are very excited about joining forces with SRAM. SRAM has a long history of innovation and is a natural fit with Quarq. We look forward to further pushing forward power measurement technology.”

Like with the other recent SRAM acquisitions, namely Zipp USA, Quarq will continue to be run by current management, namely Jim and Mieke Meyer. Overall there will be very few immediate changes at Quarq and the company will continue production in the South Dakota facility. More details on the new structure at Quarq will be released in the future.

Look for SRAM/Quarq to phase out non-SRAM crank offerings. And, as luck would have it, CXM labs is in the process of testing out a SRAM S975 Quarq for the road season, and will be putting it through the paces on the ’cross course as well. Stay tuned for a full review.