This isn't like any road ride you've been on. © Niall Gengler

This isn’t like any road ride you’ve been on. © Niall Gengler

Perhaps you’ve felt it, the urge to hop your ’cross bike off the course and go explore the vast network of unpaved fire roads that crisscross the country. The joy of the unknown road, the car-less silence broken only by the crunch of your tires on the pebbles that pass beneath you. The beauty and challenge of self-sufficiency. An excuse to continue doing what you love—riding your cyclocross bike across difficult terrain, taking what weather, what obstacles, what glory comes your way. With ’cross season over, we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to hang your bike up in the garage to gather dust until September. There’s a whole new adventure waiting for you.

In this Issue 20 feature, you’ll find out:

  • How gravel riding turned from fun, casual rides into competitive 30- to 300-mile races
  • What to expect during a gravel grinder
  • How to set up your bike for gravel riding, and what gear you’ll need
  • What bikes make the best gravel rigs
  • Where the best races and rides are in the US
  • What all the hype is about!

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