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Silca Pumps and Tools

Founded in 1917 outside Milan, Italy, Silca is a brand known to many masters racers, and some young guns too thanks to the longevity of the company’s original, signature floor pump. The quality of materials, construction and the fact the pumps were re-buildable has left many still in service years down the road.

In 2014 Silca reinvented itself to some degree. The company was sold to industry veteran Joshua Poertner, previously with Zipp, and moved from Italy to Indianapolis, IN. With the move, Silca started producing their SuperPista Ultimate floor pump here in the States. Since then, they've added other products to their catalog, all with the same level of refinement.

Slica's latest offeringsthe SuperPista Ultimate LP, HX-ONE Home and Travel Essential Kit and the Pocket Impero pumpall fit the bill as best-in-class offerings. While intended for anyone, these products are ideal for those who keep equipment forever as well as those who simply enjoy the finer things in life.

Scroll through to see more on the SuperPista Ultimate LP floor pump, the HX-One Home and Travel Essential Kit and the Pocket Impero from Silca.

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The SuperPista's substanital feeling chuck. © Cyclocross Magazine

The SuperPista’s substanital feeling chuck. © Cyclocross Magazine

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