Shimano's R785 hydraulic calipers handle stopping duties but don't be surprised if yours gets the RS785 version. © Cyclocross Magazine

Brake calipers like Shimano’s R785 hydraulics shown above can still be used, but will need an adapter to mount to Shimano’s new Flat Mount system. © Cyclocross Magazine

Shimano recently announced their new disc brake mounting option, called the Flat Mount system, which they have developed specifically for models with a road bike geometry. While Shimano has yet to release actual product images, they have suggested that the brake mounts will have a flush interface with both the fork in the front and chainstay in the rear rather than the two bolt mounts that jut out from the frame as commonly used on mountain bikes.

Shimano has claimed a few advantages of their new system, including a cleaner, integrated construction with the frame (with no visible mounting bolts). They also suggest the Flat Mount will have a more direct connection to the frame and better alignment as it eliminates the need for stacking adapters, and the system should allow for better tool access.

The Flat Mount system will also work with calipers designed for mountain bike style post mounts, although these will require an adapter.

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