Why wait for “official” races to start up? If you’re like us at Cyclocross Magazine, you’re ready to get back to the ‘cross course and the camaraderie. Baron Bicycles in Seattle, WA., has just the low-key solution: a weekly, informal foray that’s suitable for bikes of all types and shapes that kicks off Saturday, June 12th – this weekend! The price is free, and the flyer (click the image at left) promises food and brew. What else could you ask for?

From Geoff at Baron Bicycles:
These are more of a ’Cross Fun ride than anything. One of the great aspects of ’cross that separates it from the road scene – and makes it far superior, in my opinion – is the community aspect. In road there’s such an insular team basis, which is appropriate for that type of racing. But ’cross is totally approachable by the masses and hands down one of the best ways to get people into bicycle racing. And it’s spectator friendly, so you’re sure to have the support of friends and family as the years of racing grind on because watching a race is actually fun!

Building on that, we wanted to throw together a mellow ’cross group ride for all people. Mountain bikes, ’cross bikes, road bikes with 28c tires etc. Not calisthenics or drills, just a group of folks getting together and riding. Eventually we’ll add some barriers once I figure out how to camouflage them so I can stash ’em in the forest. (Ed. note: Need portable barriers? How about Cross Propz? See our review in Issue 7) Probably about once a month we’ll do a BBQ at the end of the ride in the shelters at our ‘training facility’ where we’ll have ‘refreshments’ and hot coals.

This will be our first foray into something of this sort, so it will be sort of an organic group deal. Riders will just have to come prepared with a helmet and spare tubes.

The ride leaves from Revolutions Espresso, 7012 Woodlawn Ave NW, at 11:30 a.m.. Contact Geoff, [email protected], for more information.