Here, Cody Kaiser (California Giant Berry Farms) solos for the win Sacramento Cyclocross Series, Event 6 © Tim Westmore

Cody Kaiser has had a fantastic year: he took second at Nationals behind Zach McDonald in the U23 category, and before that, he was having a great season on the West Coast. We caught up with Kaiser to ask him a few questions before the season really picks up.

Cyclocross Magazine: Who are you racing for this fall, and what bike will you race on?

Cody Kaiser: I will be again racing for California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized and we will be shredding on the new S-Works Crux.

CXM: How much time do you spend on your cyclocross bike in the off-season?

CK: I actually haven’t spent any time on it yet. Although I will definitely get on it before the season starts.

CXM: How long have you been racing?

CK: I started racing bikes about nine years ago.

CXM: How did you get into cyclocross?

CK: I first got into the sport on the mountain bike and quickly found road riding. A few friends were on a ride and showed me how to dismount and remount in road shoes … damn that was cool, and I thought, all right, I’m doing this.

CXM: Best part of cyclocross for you?

CK: Beer, food, bikes, and definitely the fans.

CXM: Proudest cyclocross moment?

CK: The proudest moment I have had so far has to be winning Junior CX Nationals in 2009.

CXM: Favorite thing to do after a race?

CK: My favorite thing to do after a race is to make the necessary Chipotle stop. I would consider myself a fine connoisseur of the burrito bowl.

CXM: Advice for people just getting into the sport?

CK: My best advice is to get out and do it; don’t be afraid to try it because it only takes one time to get you hooked.

CXM: Where would you like to see the sport go?

CK: I would like to see the sport grow outside of the cycling community. It can’t grow if we only promote it through bike shops and our friends who already ride. We have to get the first time cyclist into the sport.

CXM: Is cyclocross your main focus?

CK: Yes, cyclocross has been my main focus for the past few years.

CXM: Do you have another job?

CK: I do have another job. It is bike-related and yeah, you guessed it, I work at a bike shop.

CXM: Best pre-race song to listen to?

CK: I am always into remixes before races or any hip-hop song where the lyrics just kill it.

CXM: Little known fact about you?

CK: A little known fact about me: despite me being a Cali kid through and through, I was born in Houston.

CXM: Most embarrassing bike moment?

CK: There isn’t a moment that really sticks but I am pretty good at embarrassing myself quite often.

CXM: What’s your ideal course?

CK: If I can bunnyhop the barriers, the course automatically gets a 10 in my book. But my ideal course would have to be anything with a good flow and some techy sections.

CXM: Best pre and post race food?

CK: Best pre-race food for me depends on the race time. If it’s morning time, then it’s definitely some kick ass breakfast with eggs and if it’s afternoon, then it’s probably a turkey sandwich. And the best post-race food is, of course, Chipotle!

CXM: How is off-season? Riding?

CK: The off-season has been going well, although it has been impossible to escape the 100 degree days out here. As far as riding goes, I always try to mix things up and keep it fresh in the summertime.

CXM: What’s your season going to look like this year? Goals?

CK: This year’s schedule will start with CrossVegas. It will include the USGP series, a few World Cups, plus quite a bit more. My goals this year are to be consistent, and to keep my eyes on the prize.