Yesterday we told you that after a series of discussions and some bravado Ryan Trebon was setting out to prove his girlfriend Karlee Coffey wrong and run a five-minute mile.

Coffey, herself an elite runner, didn’t think Trebon could pull off the feat, while Trebon was sure that his life as a professional cyclist would carry him through the effort on limited training. We took a poll of readers with 60% of the 829 voters thinking that Trebon could run a five-minute mile.

Last night was the night Trebon went for it with Coffey live-broadcasting the event over periscope with over 100 folks tuned in to watch Trebon’s effort.

There was some good-natured bantering as Trebon warmed up before it was game time. A last-minute decision saw Trebon elect for a flying start, something that at first blush seemed like it would be an advantage.

For his first of four laps, Trebon put in a 72 second effort, on pace if not a little quick. Going out too hard would perhaps leave him drained in the final stretch and there was talk that Trebon had set out to go 75 seconds on the opening lap.

Trebon then came by in 2:31 and 3:51 for his second and third laps. It seemed that the early pace had in fact taken a toll leaving Trebon just 1:09 to get the last quarter mile done to finish in five-minutes flat.

But it wasn’t to be.

Trebon’s time of 5:06:28, while certainly impressive given his limited training, was off the goal. Coffey would be able to say “told you so,” but would have to give Trebon some respect for the impressive effort.

We spoke with Coffey this morning, and she told us that Trebon “listened to too many saying he was gonna blow up hard on the last lap, so it was more like an 80% effort. It’s all about learning how to run a certain type of race was my point [to Trebon]. It’s not as simple as just going out and gutting it out.”

So will we see Trebon become a runner. Coffey doesn’t quite think so. “It was fun to have a challenge and bantering between our two sports! Don’t count on him pulling a Lance Armstrong and trying for a sub 3:00 hour marathon,” exclaimed Coffey.

Trebon barely looked winded at the end of the effort. You can watch him take on the five-minute mile in the video, below.