Our catch-up with cyclocrossers is back for an offseason edition. Today, we feature some recent happenings with some of the top women in the sport.

Another 2 Years of Lucinda Brand

Trek-Segafredo just announced on Tuesday that Lucinda Brand will be extending her contract by another 2 years, until the end of 2023. Lucinda Brand posted on Instagram about how happy she is to continue partnering with Trek-Segafredo and Baloise Trek-Lions for another 2 years. The image of her in both uniforms is pretty nifty and we wish her the best of luck!

“Extremely happy to share with you that I will continue the combination of road and cyclocross with @treksegafredo and @baloisetreklions for another 2 years”

– Lucinda Brand (@lucinda_brand) June 1, 2021

Lucinda Brand extends her contract with Trek-Segafredo and Baloise Trek-Lions, according to Het Belang Van Limburg.

“Dutch reigning cyclo-cross world champion Lucinda Brand has extended her contract with cycling formation Trek-Segafredo by two years, until the end of 2023, Trek-Segafredo announced on Tuesday. In the field, she will also be competing for Baloise Trek-Lions for the next two years.” (Translated)

You can read the full story here.

Kata Blanka Vas Excels on Fat Tires

The mountain bike World Cup series continued in the Czech Republic on the third weekend of May. Kata Blanka Vas competed in the U23 women’s competition. The track was a 3.9-kilometer track filled with obstacles. After 6 laps, Vas Kata Blanka finished third with a time of (1:26:48).

She admits on Instagram that her form may not have been the best but the conditions were still on her side to help her snag third place.

“My form is still not the best, but these conditions were on my side.🤩🔥 P3”

– Kata Blanka Vas (@blanka_vas) May 17, 2021

“Our world [championship] medal was able to take the podium in the U23 race of the Mountain Bike World Cup in Nove Mesto na Moravé after the opening round in Albstadt.” (Translated)

You can read the full story on here.

How Evie Richards Stays in Peak Shape

Evie Richards explains how she trains and stays in optimal shape. Firstly, she is not fixated on stats and data. She has learned to feel what she is doing and how well she is doing. She hits the gym twice a week, working on deadlifts and squats. She builds her endurance by biking every day.

The fact that she lives on Malvern Hills helps simulate climbs like those in the XC race. When she needs help with technical skills, she isn’t afraid to ask others for help. This is how Evie Richards trains for mountain biking and cyclocross.

“I don’t feel like I need a number to go hard – I do everything from heart rate and feel”

– Evie Richards

The British cross-country mountain biker and U23 cyclocross world champion reveals how she stays in optimum shape. You can read the full story on Red Bull here

Rebecca Fahringer is Out for Revenge (for Unbound Gravel)

Rebeca Fahringer attended Unbound Gravel 2021 with a smile on her face and determination in her eyes. Everything was going great until 29 miles in. Fahringer unfortunately had a sliced sidewall. She did everything she could to patch it up but she realized that she needed to add a tube to her tubeless tire.

Unfortunately, she had a valve extender on and it wouldn’t let the tubeless valve stem come out. She was stuck for 35 mins until 2 gentlemen stopped and helped her. As a team, they figured out how to “pry the sucker off” and replaced the tube. She hopped back on her bike and pedaled with all her might. After about 150 miles, she realized that she will not make the podium so she decided to relax and enjoy the rest of her ride. With determination in her eyes, she will get her revenge on Unbound Gravel.

“Will I come back? I suffered pain and extreme, lasting emotional distress so obviously this is now the only thing I care about in my life. I’ve never wanted revenge so badly in my life.”

– Becca Fahringer (@gofahr) June 7, 2021