Readers of our print magazine (Issue 26’s feature on the Milton Keynes World Cup, available instantly here and here) won’t find this terribly surprising, but after the World Cup expanded to Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom in 2014, reports that the UCI cyclocross series will expand beyond Europe to North America, adding CrossVegas and Montreal as destinations for 2015. reports that the UCI ‘s Cyclocross Coordinator Peter Van den Abeele cannot confirm the news as the deals have not been signed, but did confirm that the World Cup will expand to North America.

If Montreal and Las Vegas are not host cities, Providence is another rumored possibility for a host city of one of the top cyclocross series (including Bpost Bank, SuperPrestige) but perhaps not until 2016. 

Brook Watts, promoter of CrossVegas, when asked about his race joining the World Cup, told Cyclocross Magazine at the 2014 event that he could have had the World Cup years ago in the early years of the event, but is waiting until the finances work out.

Stay tuned as we bring you more details and confirmation on this breaking story.

Adding CrossVegas would also mean a much earlier start to the top-level UCI series.

The promoter of the Qiansen Cyclocross Race in China also is motivated to join the World Cup. We predict that could happen in 2016.