Strava & CXMagazine vs. WD 40-2: the Cyclocross Magazine and Strava route for the win!

Strava & CXMagazine vs. WD 40-2: the Cyclocross Magazine and Strava route for the win!

As if a USGP on its own isn’t memorable enough, there’s always the aftermath. In this case, it involved a clash of the cycling industry race regulars, two cars, and one trip from Bend, Oregon, to San Francisco, California, in a contest issued over pre-drive pancakes and eggs Benedict at a local breakfast joint.

The crews:

  • Team Cyclocross Magazine/Strava (appropriately) was comprised of myself and a Strava employee and old collegiate racing buddy and now kick-ass cyclocrosser for Ladies First, Elle Anderson [watch for an interview with Elle in Issue 20 of Cyclocross Magazine.]
  • Team WD40BIKE needs no introduction, since anyone who’s been to a USGP recognizes Dan Horndasch, resplendent in his trademark Oakley shades and fleece hat, along with his equally awesome crew of Chris, Beth and Ryan. They’re the people who keep the bikes rolling smooth, and figured (wrongly) that they could do the same for a 10 hour drive, making it to the Bay Area well ahead of, well, Ladies First.

The Gear:

  • Team Cyclocross Magazine/Strava stats: two riders, two bikes and a whole lot of luggage, in a hybrid.
  • Team WD40BIKE stats: Dan, Chris, Beth and Ryan, three bikes, luggage, two 50lb tool boxes, two cases of WD products and assorted cases of “beverages” in a non-hybrid minivan.

7:30 AM: the racers gather in the hotel lobby for a neutral start to The Victorian for some pre-race fuel. Race enhancers were heavily abused in the form of multiple cups of coffee and multiple orders of potatoes. No one could be accused of sleep doping on this trip.

9:00 AM: Roll out, with both parties headed in different directions. Team CXM/Strava had to hit the hotel to pack, while Team WD40 had bolder ambitions in mind: a trip to a grocery store for a hard-to-find case of Deschutes beer.

9:05 AM: Garmins started, the racers line up at a light, both peeling off in separate directions at a respectable speed limit.

Team CXM/Strava takes a pause for a photo stop. © Molly Hurford

Team CXM/Strava takes a pause for a photo stop. © Molly Hurford

12:00 PM: Racers, tired from the long days before, become drowsy but press on as signs for California come into sight.

1:15 PM: A detante is reached and a lunch stop is requested in Weed, California. Despite the 40 minute gap Team CXM/Strava had created, we agreed to neutralize for a stop at the scenic Hi-Lo Cafe.

Weed, California, home of the Hi-Lo Cafe

Weed, California, home of the Hi-Lo Cafe

1:50 PM: Team WD40 rolls in, thoroughly exhausted and ready to eat.

2:15 PM: Roll out, with a change in race tactics as Cyclocross Magazine took the wheel

5:00 PM: Sensing the finish is near, Team CXM/Strava decides lead time is far enough that a rest stop (and a brownie to split) is prudent

7:05 PM: Team Strava/CXM crosses Bay Bridge into San Francisco

9:15 PM: Molly makes it to her final destination, marking an end to the Strava/Cyclocross Magazine time sheet at 8:02 drive time

The WD40BIKE trek home.

The WD40BIKE trek home, 22 minutes slower than CXM/Strava

11:00 PM: The WD40BIKE team officially all makes it home with a 8:29 drive time

While the winning team was clear, Team WD40BIKE’s Dan had this point to add, and we agree it is a valid one: “For a crew that looks after everyone, handles pit duties for the pros, does all the site prep, tear down and transit, I think we did all right.”

A road trip to remember. © Molly Hurford

A road trip to remember. © Molly Hurford