Revolution Wheelworks Rev-50X carbon tubular wheels.

Revolution Wheelworks' Rev-50X carbon tubular cyclocross wheels.

With most cyclocross racing winding down, overhauling, shopping, and upgrading season is already underway. And thus we’ll be increasing our New Product Spotlight features these next few months, so check back often for the latest ‘cross gear news and reviews. First up is pair of ‘cross specific race wheels.

by Adam Newman

We’ve been testing a pair of Rev-50X carbon-rimmed wheels from new builder Revolution Wheelworks.

Revolution hand builds simple, light, aero and reasonably priced wheels without proprietary parts or gimmickry. They have four distinct rim profiles, including the deep, 50mm carbon tubular hoops that we’ve been reviewing. (Surprisingly, their lightest wheelset is actually a clincher wheelset, their 1300 gram Rev-22L clincher set.)

With 24/28 spoke lacing, the cyclocross-specific Rev-50X model is a beefed-up version of their road Rev-50 version, with four extra spokes and another 40 grams heavier, but still with a recommended weight limit of 200 pounds. At 1380 grams for the set, you won’t be complaining about the weight, and they will shed about a pound off your bike compared to most stock clincher wheels.

My initial impressions have been very positive. They’ve accelerated and cut through sand really well, proved durable, and stayed true. What more can you ask for?

The Rev-50X retails for $900, direct from Revolution. We don’t think we can ever call a $900 pair of wheels “cheap,” but compared to many larger brand’s carbon or high-end offerings, they certainly represent a great value for a lightweight, carbon tubular wheelset. Stay tuned for an extended review in our print mag.

Revolution Wheelworks REV-50X
Rims: 50mm carbon tubular
Hubs: Rev82g /Rev222g
Spokes: 24 front/ 28 rear Pillar Aero
Braking Surface: Basalt-coated carbon
Weight: 1400g claimed, 1380 actual
Rider weight limit: 200 pounds
Price: $900
More info: