Compact design but plenty of strength with the Feedback Sprint stand.

Compact design but plenty of strength with the Feedback Sprint stand.

by Alan “Danger” Zinniker

The Feedback Euro-style stand.

The Feedback Euro-style stand.

Go to any high-level professional cyclocross or road race, and watch the professional European mechanics clean and work on a bike. They’re not dealing with workstands with finicky clamps that can crush lightweight carbon frames or seatposts, but take care of washing and adjusting their riders’ bikes with workstands that have several points of support, typically at the bottom bracket and front fork.

Last summer, Feedback Sports released its new Euro-style work stand, the Sprint, to offer both professional and home mechanics a stable but portable option for bike washing and maintenance. The Sprints’ compact design is ready to be thrown in the back of your wagon and hauled off to the next race. Its folded size is a compact 5 x 7.5 x 30 inches and weighs only 12.6 lbs.

Don’t let these specs fool you though, the Sprint is tough. The stable tripod design (a wide 46 inch diameter), aluminum construction, and 85 lb. load capacity will handle just about anything you throw at it, no matter how mud-covered. Not to mention, it is adjustable for all sizes of mechanics with its 30 to 48 inches work height.

360 rotation means it's easy to work everywhere on your bike.

360 rotation means it’s easy to work everywhere on your bike.

To describe the Sprint in one word: versatile. By utilizing (beautifully red-anodized) aluminum, Feedback Sports keeps the Sprint light and strong. In addition to the 360° rotation for easy bike accessibility, it also incorporates an adjustable crossbeam design that allows the fork mount to slide along the beam, allowing you to keep the weight perfectly centered over the stand. Even with the forces of a pressure washer blasting at it, I couldn’t knock this stand over.

Another nice thing about the Sprint is that it is so versatile that its quick release mount can be converted to work with a 15mm front thru axle (or 20mm with optional adapter). It is also capable to mount most types and widths of rear dropouts (130mm, 135mm and 142.5mm thru axle). Got a track bike (120mm rear spacing) or older road bike (126mm rear spacing)? You might have to be creative to make it work, but the Sprint does allow you to easily mount and work on most types of bikes with either the front or rear wheel attached. This innovative design allows the user to likely work on not only all of their bikes, but to have the capability to work on all of their friend’s bikes too (though we’re not sure if that’s a good thing though to brag about to your mechanically-challenged buddies).

For the casual home mechanic who wants to adjust everything all at once, including adjusting both front and rear brakes and possibly truing wheels, this type of stand may not be what you’re looking for as it requires removing at least one wheel. However, if you bring your stand to the races, and powerwash your bikes in the stand, you’ll appreciate both the portability and stability of the Sprint. Mechanics and racers on the go will appreciate the fact that it also comes with its own carrying case.

At $255, it’s an investment, and not a budget work stand, but if you’re on the go and working on your bikes a lot, the investment should pay off and keep you and your bikes happy.

Feedback Sports’ Sprint Bike Work Stand Specs

  • Dimensions: 5 x 7.5 x 30 inches
  • Maximum Weight: 85 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • MSRP: $255.00
  • More Info: Feedback Sports