If last year’s Land Run 100 gravel race was the “Fast AF Year,” there is a good chance the 2019 edition will be dubbed the “Fast AF AF Year.”

In 2018, Amanda Nauman (SDG – Muscle Monster) won the Women’s race with an average speed of 17.8 mph and Mat Stephens (Panaracer / Factor p/b Bicycle X-Change) won the Men’s race with an average speed of 19.8 mph.

On Saturday on the Red Bed Plains outside Stillwater Oklahoma, those average speeds were up to 18.6 and 20.4 mph for the Women and Men, respectively. In other words, very fast.

The Women’s win went to Nina Laughlin of North Carolina, who finished seven minutes ahead of second place. Kae Takeshita (Panaracer / Factor p/b Bicycle X-Change) edged out Amy Charity (SBT GRVL) in the battle for second. Amity Rockwell (Easton Overland Gravel Team) finished fourth and Lauren De Crescenzo (DNA Professional Cycling Team) fifth.

The Men’s race came down to a battle of three. Payson McElveen took the win, with Ted King (Cannondale / SRAM / Velocio / UnTapped) finishing second and Drew Dillman (SDG – Muscle Monster) third. Brandon Melott (DNA Racing / Allied Cycleworks) took fourth and Thomas Humphreys (Foundation CCB) fifth.

Top 50 results for the Women and Men’s 100-mile race are below. Full results for all races are available here.

Featured image: 241 Photography / Land Run 100

Women's Top 50: 2019 Land Run 100 Gravel Race

1Nina Laughlin5:32:30
2Kae Takeshita5:39:37
3Amy Charity5:39:38
4Amity Rockwell5:48:18
5Lauren De Crescenzo5:50:46
6Amanda Nauman5:53:14
7Leah Thorvilson6:03:53
8Kelly Paduch6:04:36
9Turner Ramsay6:14:28
10Michelle Hance6:15:05
11Kristi Mohn6:17:36
12Mary Penta6:19:36
13Kristi Lindquist6:28:12
14Sarah Swallow6:28:28
15Courtney Tanner6:31:37
16Yvette Wynne6:35:00
17Katie Strempke6:35:53
18Lindsey Carpenter6:37:30
19Venny Alub6:38:52
20Christina Hosenfeld6:39:33
21Celine Oberholzer6:53:36
22Rachel Wills6:52:37
23Karyn Abraham6:52:37
24Betsy Welch6:55:11
25Lauren Wiscomb6:57:11
26Rebecca Scaduto7:07:48
27Sara Siems7:09:05
28Wendy Dewent7:11:27
29Cynthia Bradley7:12:13
30Katy McGuire7:12:16
31Pauline Baitz7:12:16
32Allison Zmuda7:13:40
33Krisee Gaikowkski7:19:49
34Karen Pritchard7:21:04
35May Tsupros7:23:42
36Karistina Larson7:23:45
37Wendy Culp7:25:05
38Chelsey Cooley7:26:16
39Chelsea Strate7:27:00
40Megan Barr7:27:02
41Jennifer Barr7:31:21
42Courtney Morgan7:32:03
43Carrie Sona7:33:37
44Miranda Tandy7:36:17
45Kelly O’Brien7:37:22
46Samantha Nielson7:39:10
47Jona Parker7:41:46
48Jenny Brown7:42:02
49Melissa Westergard7:44:28
50Kelly Yelverton7:47:33

Men's Top 50: 2019 Land Run 100 Gravel Race

1Payson McElveen5:04:08
2Ted King5:04:09
3Drew Dillman5:04:09
4Brandon Melott5:05:11
5Thomas Humphreys5:05:13
6Matt Lieto5:05:26
7Mark Currie5:05:36
8Rob Bell5:05:42
9Ken Benesh5:07:36
10Austin Morris5:07:50
11Michael van den Ham5:11:38
12Scott Moninger5:11:41
13Tim Mitchell5:11:50
14Lane Maher5:11:52
15Michael Krupka5:11:53
16Ryan Currie5:13:58
17Colin Strickland5:16:10
18Addison Zawada5:17:10
19Mat Stephens5:17:14
20Scott Myers5:17:25
21Joey Spragins5:19:14
22Jason Siegle5:19:28
23Rory Jack5:20:02
24Justin Lowe5:20:03
25John Purvis5:20:06
26Ben Wright5:20:09
27Matt Acker5:22:43
28Jimmy Smith5:26:24
29Eric Haynes5:26:25
30Mat Ankney5:29:38
31Charles Christainsen5:29:38
32Cayden Parker5:29:38
33Will Frank5:29:43
34Brandon Curtis5:29:44
35Aaron Beebe5:29:47
36Andrew Aaron5:32:26
37Timothy Fegel5:32:27
38Michael Potter5:32:29
39Reid Beloni5:32:35
40Michael Sencenbaugh5:32:40
41Andrew Strempke5:36:51
42Neil Beltchenko5:37:52
43Adam Gaubert5:38:39
44Kye Cordes5:38:39
45David Piercey5:38:40
46Lawrence Gibson5:38:40
47Robb Finegan5:38:41
48Michae Sheehan5:38:48
49Charlie Lavin5:39:39
50Thomas Kehrer5:39:44