With Reno Nationals on tap for this week, it’s a perfect time bring back some fantasy fun after a long hiatus. Thanks to the support and sweet prize package from Vittoria, we’ve got a high-stakes fantasy game queued up for next Sunday’s Elite Men’s and Women’s races, and it opens up today!

Pick the top 6 finishers in order from the choices below. Riders listed are the pre-registered racers, as ordered by USA Cycling’s race predictor. Of course, its accuracy can be debated (that’s why you get to predict!) and a racer can sign-up race day, but will not get a call-up.

The winner will roll away with a sweet set of Vittoria’s Elusion Disc wheels and Terreno Dry tires.

It’s free to play. Entering should take just a minute. Be sure to fill out each question. Have fun and good luck!