Rapencross de Lokeren generated lots of excitement among cyclocross fans for being the first cyclocross race of the Ethias Cross series to kick off the constantly-changing European 2020 season, but due to public health concerns, the event was recently canceled.

Rapencross de Lokeren was originally scheduled for September 12, 2020. Promoters initially postponed the event to September 26, 2020, but now, they have canceled it entirely.

Ethias Cross, formerly known as Brico Cross, is one of three major cyclocross series in Belgium and the Netherlands, not including the World Cup. The series shares the calendar with the Superprestige and DVV series.

Lokeren, a municipality in Belgium’s East Flanders, has recently seen a rise in cases after the plateau that the region had finally achieved in June. To keep cases from spiking again, the municipality has decided to shut down all public events through September.

On August 3, 2020, Rapencross de Lokeren posted on Facebook announcing that they canceled this year’s event. Rapencross agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest to cancel the event, for racers and organizers alike.

“Of course we as an organization understand this decision by the Lokerse city council. Public health first at all times.” -Rapencross de Lokeren

‼️ Update: Het college van burgemeester en schepenen in Lokeren heeft nu ook alle stedelijke evenementen voor september…

Posted by Rapencross on Monday, August 3, 2020

However, hope is not lost. Rapencross promises the event will return to Lokeren as soon as the municipality allows for it.

Although it’s disappointing for many cyclocross fans that the season is being pushed back, a return to a full cyclocross season depends on containing the COVID-19 virus first. Let’s hope the world gets there.

Featured photo: Brico Cross Ronse, 2018, B. Hazen.