The West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix was held Saturday in River Walk Park. Boasting “the largest women’s prize in California,” and offering coveted (for Northern California racers caring about start positions at Nationals) USA Cycling points, the event attracted some top-level talent and over 400 participants.

Lloyd raced to win the West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix. (file photo, Sea Otter, © Mike Albright)

Lloyd raced to win the West Sacramento Cyclocross Grand Prix. (file photo, Sea Otter, © Mike Albright)

Rachel Lloyd (Cal Giant), after finishing her season disappointed with her sixth place at Nationals in Boulder, has started off her season with a win over an impressive women’s field. Emily Kachorek (Squid Bikes) finished second, racing her first official cyclocross race for her new company, while Teal Stetson-Lee suffered a late race crash but salvaged third place. Australian National Champion Lisa Jacobs, fresh off her second place at the Qiansen Trophy Race in China, finished fourth.

Elle Anderson (KDL Cycling), racing domestically before heading to Belgium, lined up despite suffering from a head cold but finished a distant 12th, five minutes in arrears.

In the men’s race, Anthony Clark (JAM Fund/NCC) continued his winning ways after winning this summer’s Paris to Ancaster’s mixed terrain race. Clark’s endurance seems to have paid off, as the racer, on his new colorful Squid Bike, finished strong, putting over a minute on Cody Kaiser, who opened his season for LangeTwins winery. Walton Brush (MASH SF) was close behind in third. Tobin Ortenblad (Cal Giant) finished in fourth.

2014 West Sacramento CX Grand Prix Race Women's Results

13 Rachel Lloyd39 Fairfax, CA California Giant Berry/Specialized843:31.605:26.5
24 Emily Kachorek35 Sacramento, CA Squid Bikes844:14.105:31.8
314 Teal Stetson-Lee28 Reno, NV Luna Pro Team844:39.105:34.9
42 Lisa Jacobs33 Melbourne, VI Rapha-Focus844:50.005:36.3
56 Carolina Gomz-Villafane22 Los Gatos, CA VanderkittenCX845:16.005:39.5
69 Karen Brems52 Redwood City, CA Team Rambuski Law845:37.805:42.2
711 Caroline Dezendorf25 San Rafael, CA Team Mikes Bikes p/b Equator Coffee and Teas846:06.705:45.8
87 Ellen Sherrill35 South Lake Taho, CA Voler/HRS/Rock Lobster846:49.005:51.1
910 Tanya Grossman41 Castro Valley, CA Los gatos847:38.705:57.3
1020 Janie Dalton44 Kensington, CA Missing Link847:57.105:59.6
1112 Kristin Drumm45 Novato, CA CX Nation848:21.206:02.7
121 Elle Anderson26 San Francisco, CA KDL CYCLING848:29.206:03.6
138 Hollie Mcgovern41 Nevada City, CA Real Wheel Bike Shop Nevada City CA848:35.206:04.4
145 Rebecca Gross34 Golden, CO VanderkittenCX848:40.206:05.0
1518 Trina Baumsteiger49 San Luis Obispo, CA Team Rambuski Law849:16.206:09.5
1621 Erica Grief23 Reno Wheelmen849:46.706:13.3
1713 Stace Cooper44 Lincoln, CA GHETOCX745:11.906:27.4
1815 Katie Styer29 San Francisco, CA TEAM JORTZ746:14.906:36.4
1919 Audrey Biehle31 Plymouth, CA747:45.106:49.3
2016 Chelsea Weidinger30 San Francisco, CA MASH SF750:15.207:10.7
dns17 Kelly Miller37 West Sacramento, CA Rio Strada Racing0--

2014 West Sacramento CX Grand Prix Race Men's Results

152 Anthony Clark27 Feeding Hills, MA JAM/NCC1155:48.805:04.4
251 Cody Kaiser22 El Dorado Hills, CA LangeTwins/Specialized1156:50.705:10.1
363 Walton Brush24 Berkeley, CA MASH SF1156:55.805:10.5
453 Tobin Ortenblad20 Santa Cruz, CA California Giant/Specialized1157:47.705:15.2
575 Gavin Haley181159:08.805:22.6
666 Zach Heath28 Sacramento, CA HiFi CX1159:10.505:22.8
762 Keith Hillier30 Millbrae, CA Team Rambuski Law1159:33.705:24.9
870 Max Jenkins28 Citrus Heights, CA Marc Pro - Strava1159:38.705:25.3
976 Max Jadelson271100:40.705:31.0
1058 Nick Schaffner32 Reno, NV Marc Pro - Strava1101:16.805:34.0
1157 Chris Mcgovern41 Nevada City, CA Real Wheels Bike Shop Nevada City CA1101:18.505:34.4
1269 Erik Vangsnes29 Berkeley, CA Team Mikes Bikes p/b Equator Coffees1101:31.405:35.6
1360 Samuel Guzman32 Sacramento, CA Victory Velo Racing1101:42.105:36.6
1461 Aj Kennedy41 Martinez, CA VuMedi Elite Cycling Team1101:43.605:36.7
1578 Alfred Canthen401056:40.705:40.1
1659 Curtis Smith34 S. Lake Tahoe, CA Team BP/Sierra Nevada/Reliable1057:11.505:43.2
1756 Murray Swanson48 Wood Side, CA Pen velo racing1057:21.605:44.2
1868 Clint Williams27 Sacramento, CA River City Velo1057:37.105:45.7
1981 Antonio Miranda33 Sacramento, CA Kinetic cycles1058:01.305:48.1
2072 Aj Snovel22 Sacramento, CA Folsom Bike/VW/Raleys1058:20.505:50.0
21331 Ulises Salas39 Sonora, CA queen city cycling1059:25.705:56.6
2264 Brad Handel31 San Francisco, CA Fresh Air / Hunter Cycles1059:46.705:58.7
2365 Scott Hooper31 Folsom, CA Team BP/Sierra Nevada/Reliable1000:19.806:32.9
2482 Kevin Tufts35 Cameron Park, CA Folsom Bike/VW/Raleys1000:31.806:03.2
2580 Shepherd Myers33 Kaneone, HI Quick Release1002:38.706:15.9
2671 Kailin Waterman35 Oakland, CA Voler/HRS/Rocklobster958:34.306:30.5
2774 Kyle Ng25 San Francisco, CA Fresh Air / Hunter958:40.606:31.2
2877 Chris Rippey33 East Palo Alto, CA Team roaring mouse739:18.705:37.0
2979 John-Reed Thompson43 Sacramento, CA River City Velo p/b TBBX BITCH!634:09.805:41.6
3073 Gannon Myall49 Lafayette, CA Cal Giant Berry Farms/Specialized421:36.705:24.2
3183 Brian Ray30 Sacramento, CA316:29.505:29.8
3255 Brian Finnerty44 Santa Rosa, CA Cal Giant Specialized207:45.703:52.9
dns54 Chris Cowart43 Redwood City, CA Pen Velo Racing0--
dns67 Eric Nelson38 San Clemente, CA Mudfoot0--