The Promax's are black finished with machined faces © Clifford Lee

The Promax's are black finished with machined faces © Clifford Lee

by Dr. Clifford Lee

Promax is a Taiwanese manufacturer of bicycle components, many of which are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) on mid-priced bikes. The cantilever brake is their new product in the low profile category.  Though at first glance it appears similar to the new Avid Shorty with its double arm design, it has some unique cosmetic features. They’re black finished with interesting machined faces on the arms, has insets for the mounting bolts, and the Promax uses v-brake pads for ease of set-up. Spring tension adjusters are on each arm and the arms pivot on their own bushings.

Impressions: with the v-brake style pads and spring tension adjusters on each arm, set-up was very easy. Arm geometry indicates that the performance should be on par with some of the other low profile cantilever brakes. Indeed, feel at the lever is similar, though the Promax brake pads are subpar.  When I swapped the pads to something of my liking, the Promax cantilevers performed with the best of the low profiles. I would consider price, including the cost of replacement brake pads, aesthetics and panache when choosing between these and other low profile cantilever choices. Also consider checking out Cyclocross Magazine Issue 7 for a more comprehensive brake and brake pad review along with set-up tips.

In the box: Promax black v-brake pads, straddle cable and chromed steel mounting bolts. No straddle hanger was provided.

Weight: 99 grams without pads or holders.

Geometry: pivot to cable anchor 65 mm, pivot to brake pad face 40 mm, angle 70 degrees.

Average clearance: 9 mm cable pull yields 3 mm of pad to rim movement per side.

ProMax Cantilever Brakes: MSPR Not Available.

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