Remember our ProGold Dirty Bike Photo Contest?

Voting closed a while back, but somehow verifying the photo rights of these images, and then the distraction of the Christmas Week of racing, the holidays and then Nationals buried this announcement for far too long. Winners have been contacted, but without further ado, we’ve finally officially announcing the three lucky entrants and winners of our ProGold Dirty Bike Photo Contest held in late 2013.

The top three winners receive a ProGold Lubricants Gift Pack of a mix of ProGold lubricants and cleaning products valued at $75 each! See the full product line here. The top vote winner also receives get a two-year subscription to Cyclocross Magazine, CXM Swiftwick socks, and a CXM mini cowbell.

We received 63 killer entries to the contest, and have the top three (by votes received) and a couple honorable mentions here:

First Place:

Jared Nieters is a UCI race winner, the 2013 Raleigh Midsummer Nights race contract winner (he declined), and was a contender in the singlespeed race at the 2014 Nationals despite 55 days off the bike this season. When not pedaling, Nieters owns and runs a bike shop and can get his hands on pretty much anything he wants, but still lusts for the ProGold products and CXM swag. That says something about the desirability of our prizes on the line.

Nieter put together a great photo and get-out-the-vote campaign to win the ProGold and Cyclocross Magazine gift pack. His photo showcased his Chewbacca race bike from the 2013 National Championships that had quite a coat, and reportedly still needs a good cleaning and lube. Thankfully, he’s got some ProGold products to assist in that cleaning, and a new Van Dessel  Aloominator to race.

Jared Nieters from Haymarket with his "Chewbacca Bike" post-race

Jared Nieters from Haymarket with his “Chewbacca Bike” post-race

Second Place:

Bend, Oregon-based photographer Matthew Lasala shoots a lot of races, and also steps away from the camera and lines up himself to race himself in the Masters Bs. He experiences the joy and pain of cyclocross, and documents it as well as any pro photographer. We also were honored to have Lasala as a volunteer photographer at Nationals – see some of his work on our site here, as well as on his own photography site.

Lasala captured the thick Oregon mud with this shot of a rider needing to clean his bike with his hands before the pressure washer could do the rest. You guys loved Lasala’s photography and voted it to be a winner. We agree.


Matt from Bend, Oregon, with his mud-covered race machine.

Third Place:

Shea Frederick raced Masters Worlds in Louisville in 2013, and suffered from the sticky, frozen mud of the Ohio river valley like many racers. His girlfriend, Megan Sims, snapped this photo of him after his race. After some initial doubt and a few weeks of sleuthing, we’ve verified that Frederick now has rights to the image, and he is your third place winner.


Shea Frederick submitted this photo of Masters Worlds in Louisville

Honorable Mentions:

With 63 entries, there were plenty of great photos submitted as part of the contest. Here are a few honorable mentions, based on votes:


The Mighty Mud Man from Michelle in Orlando, Florida


Mike from Bedford, Massachusetts, with his bike post-Masters Worlds in Kentucky.

The top three winners will receive a generous selection of select ProGold products from below:

ProGold Lubricants bike products.

ProGold Lubricants bike products.

See all the entrants here. Thanks for playing and voting, and stay tuned for a new contest soon (with earlier results announcements).