by Chandler Snyder

It’s that time of year again.  Cyclocross season is starting to wind down across the country and plans are being made by those going to race at Nationals, UCI Masters Worlds and UCI Elite Worlds.  Many of you have put in the time and the energy to train, eat, sleep and race like a Pro, and now is the time to get treated like one.

Pro Bike Express, a Colorado-based bike transport company, and Snyder Cycling Services, a Colorado-based service company, have teamed up to offer the Pro treatment at Cyclocross Nationals and Worlds.

Wesley Smith, Owner/Operator of PBE, and Chandler Snyder, Owner/Operator of SCS, believe that offering the same level of service the Pro’s receive just makes simple sense. “Riders/racers these days put some much of their time and energy in to their training, eating, racing and recovery, and we believe their equipment and experience at the races should get that same attention and expertise,” Wesley Smith. 

Some of the services provided will include, but are not limited to:
* Secure, safe transport to & from CX Nats/Worlds
* Private Client Tents/Compound(will have a private barn onsite in Madison!)
* Heated warm up area
* Trainers provided for warmups
* Private power washer
* Daily Mechanical Support with Pre/Post Tune Ups and Washes
* Pit assistance if requested
* Mechanical support available in either a 1 Time fee, or A La Carte services depending on what’s needed

Now you might ask, “I’m not from Colorado, can I still use the services PBE/SCS are offering?”
The simple answer is “Yes.”  Smith and Snyder want everyone to have access their services.  Understandably the transport side of the operation is limited to Colorado, however the Mechanical/Onsite support is open to anyone going to the events.  “We will have a ‘Service Menu’ up at the events giving brief descriptions of our services and pricing for those services, and look forward to seeing everyone out there having a great time!”, says Snyder.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact Wesley Smith (Transport Logistics) thru, and Chandler Snyder (Mechanical Support) thru