At the U23 race in Austin earlier this year, Logan Owen stormed the course at Zilker Park to take his 10th National Championship win in a row, and three weeks later, he edged his way into the top 15 at the U23 World Championship race in Tabor, clawing up from 25th place after opting to go with a non-mud tread at the beginning of the race.

Today, we offer a Pro Bike Profile of the Specialized S-Works cyclocross bike that he used in both races.

[caption id="attachment_64748" align="alignnone" width="750"]Logan Owen goes through the familiar paces for his Friday pre-ride. © Mike Albright/Cyclocross Magazine Logan Owen goes through the familiar paces for his Friday pre-ride. © Mike Albright/Cyclocross Magazine[/caption]

As a California Giant rider for cyclocross, Owen has a dedicated combination of Specialized and SRAM/Zipp branded parts on his bike. One of the most dissimilar and unique products he rode with was K-Edge’s prototype chainwatcher designed specifically for a single chainring setup. Both he and Danny Summerhill implemented this prototype with success in Austin, and even five months later, the product has not yet been made available to the public nor is advertised on the K-Edge website. (For a close up view, be sure to navigate through our slider below).

Coupling a Quarq Elsa power meter to a SRAM 42t X-Sync chainring, Owen’s choice for a singlering drivetrain was the more popular choice by all the winners at the National Championships. On the other end, Owen was in the minority with his preference of Shimano’s XTR pedals, which looked as if they saw more than their fair share of mud on the course.

Finally, although Challenge and Clement were the popular two choices of tire brand, Owen’s ride is equipped with Dugast Rhino tubular tires. His tire width (700×33) and tread design (mud-oriented) were the overwhelming favorite on the week, even before the harsh rain of Friday night transformed the course into a mud pit.

More info: Use the arrows to navigate through the images, and check back for more 2015 Nationals bike profiles (we’ve captured each winner’s bike!)

Logan Owen's 2015 National Championship Specialized Crux cyclocross bike. © Cyclocross Magazine

Logan Owen’s Specialized S-Works Crux cyclocross bike. © Cyclocross Magazine.