USAC has posted preliminary call-up lists for the 2009 National Cyclocross Championships. Information on the call-ups along with a date for a USAC “rider celebration” taking place in Bend, Oregon is detailed below in a letter to registered riders. Got feedback on how to improve the process? Provide it here, as USA Cycling is on our forums and listening.

Preliminary call-up lists for ‘Cross Nationals available online

USA Cycling is on target to host a record number of participants at this year’s USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships in Bend, Ore. We are extremely excited about the growth of cyclocross racing in America, but this phenomenal interest did cause issues during the initial on-line registration period. We would again like to offer our sincere apologies to anyone who experienced difficulties registering for the event between midnight and approximately 2:00 a.m. E.D.T. on Oct. 10.

Because of the record number of registrants and also the fact that order of registration partially determines your call-up order, USA Cycling will post weekly a preliminary version of the call-up list for all categories on the event’s webpage, here. The list is not a final version, as on-line registration will remain open through Dec. 2 and on-site registration is also available until the day before competition. The preliminary list is meant only to offer participants an approximate start order based on current registration information. PLEASE NOTE: The posted start orders are subject to change based on updated registration activity and most likely will change as the registration process continues. USA Cycling would like to remind interested parties that all participants are eligible for a full refund, minus processing fees, until the close of on-line registration at 12:00 a.m. midnight on Thursday, December 3.

USA Cycling would like to continue to emphasize that all Masters racers, regardless of time of on-line registration, will be ordered according to their current racing license category, ie. Cat. 1, followed by Cat. 2, etc. Only those Masters within the same category and age division will be seeded according to time of registration. After the close of on-line registration on Dec. 3 all riders registering on-site will start in the back of their respective field regardless of license category with the exception of front row call-ups per USA Cycling’s rule book. Please click here for a complete explanation of call up procedures for all age categories and racing divisions.

In an effort to ensure the most fair and equitable racing environment possible, USA Cycling plans to re-evaluate the method by which we determine the start order for Masters racers at the 2010 Cyclo-cross National Championships.  We look forward to hearing your feedback on the topic as we consider several options, including the utilization of USA Cycling’s Results and Rankings System, heats and other options to determine more extensive call-up procedures for 2010 and beyond. In order to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to weigh in during this process, we will include a section on this topic in the post-event survey for the 2009 Cyclo-cross National Championships.

Finally, I would like to invite all participants to a rider celebration on Friday, December 11. Please consult your on-site race information packet for more information regarding this exciting event!

Best in cycling,

Steve Johnson

USA Cycling Chief Executive Officer