We asked you last week who you thought would win CrossVegas011  2and 400 of you voted, choosing Bart Wellens most frequently, followed by Jeremy Powers and then Ryan Trebon.  Both Powers and Trebon changed teams in the off-season and came into this season highly motivated, and thus were likely choices. The fact that Jamey Driscoll received the fewest votes (10) and yet came into the race with the best record in the last two years (first in 2009, second in 2010) was a little surprising to us.

Still, the reader predictions of American placings were quite accurate, as Powers and Trebon finished CrossVegas 2011 in fourth and fifth as the top two Americans, but in terms of overall and European predictions, our poll creator and the readers were a little off – with van der Haar and Peters (first and third) not even making our poll, and Heule (second) receiving the second-fewest votes. Two-time World Champ Wellens (and Driscoll) were close to pulling off the wins with late-race attacks, but were both swept up before the finish.

At least 54 of you named “some other European” and can bask in your glory of high cyclocross IQ or luck.

Now that CrossVegas is over, check out our new poll on the right which is highly relevant to Interbike 2011.  Share your opinions on disc brakes!