previews by Andrew Reimann with day’s reporting by Lauren LeClaire

With many fearing weather to be a little harsher due to the looming threat of Hurricane Joaquin earlier in the week, racing in the cold wind and muddy course on Saturday for the C1 appeared to be pleasant by comparison.

The Luna Chix were back in UCI racing action from their fun break at the CLIF Bar CykleScramble last weekend, but many of the Brits and Australians, including Helen Wyman and Lisa Jacobs, left to their respective homes, so the field dynamics were certain to be completely changed from the Gran Prix of Gloucester. Luna’s Katerina Nash in particular was anxious to do more pedaling, after getting shut out of the finals in the fun-oriented bike relay race the weekend prior.

The 2015 KMC Cyclo-Cross Festival, Day One. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Nash took control of the race and fended off Compton at the 2015 KMC Cyclo-Cross Festival, Day One. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

One special addition was also Emma White, who is coming off a second in the Time Trial and Road Race from the World Championship in Richmond. Still, plenty of questions carried over from the week before: Could Ellen Noble repeat her success, would Nash resume her duties from winning at the 2015 World Cup at CrossVegas, and would Compton find herself off the front or chasing throughout the race?

The UCI Elite Women’s race started out fast and furious, with Ellen Noble (Jam/Ncc/Vittoria) taking the hole shot followed by National Champion Katie Compton (Trek Factory Racing) and Cross Vegas World Cup winner Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team). This group remained together, with Amanda Miller (Boulder Cycle Sport/Yogaglo) and recent Junior Road World Championship silver medalist Emma White (Cyclocrossworld Devo Team). Nash would attack and put a significant gap between herself and Compton, Nash’s lead held steady, and thanks to a clean race with no crashes or mechanical issues, she rode away for the win over Compton, while Amanda Miller claimed a hard fought third place.

The 2015 KMC Cyclo-Cross Festival, Day One. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Compton was leading in the early stages of the race, but found herself chasing after Nash late. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Nash, who is used to racing a wide variety of terrains both in Europe and the states, stated “I really liked the course layout, it was very different than the last time I raced here two years ago. It was nice to use a larger portion of the course with more variety, that was really great.” When asked about how she feels about tomorrow after her efforts today, she continued “I am excited for tomorrow, I like to do back-to-back events, it is a lot better for me than just one day only. The course will be different again tomorrow and I am excited for that, and looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow.”

Last weekend, the full arsenal of the Cannondale p/b unleashed their fury in an attempt to stifle the Pro CX Calendar winning streak of Jeremy Powers, but untimely flats at the sharp gravel sections of Gloucester kept Stephen Hyde and Ryan Trebon off Powers’ wheel.

The 2015 KMC Cyclo-Cross Festival, Day One. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Powers and Hyde attacked each other several times in the race, with Powers taking the lead in the last few laps. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

The UCI Elite Men started off with another promising youth of cyclo-cross, Curtis White (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld) leading the way from the whistle, with National Champion Jeremy Powers (Aspire Racing) on his wheel. A large group of riders stuck together early on, all fighting the winds on course, with Daniel Summerhill (Maxxis-Shimano Pro Cyclocross) leading the way. A few laps later, a group of 2 consisting of Powers and Stephen Hyde (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld) would gain time together, putting pressure on the group behind. Powers lead an aggressive charge, with Hyde responding, until Powers began to open up a gap and really drive the pace. Hyde remained within 16 seconds of Powers, and came in close behind after Powers took the win. The battle for third was tight as well, coming down to a sprint between White and Summerhill, where ultimately, despite an earlier incident with a crash and breaking his shoe and having to do a shoe swap in the pit, White took the final podium spot.

The 2015 KMC Cyclo-Cross Festival, Day One. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

On the last lap, Hyde was less than 10 seconds behind Powers, but firmly in control of second place. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

White, who is having a phenomenal week, stated it was a week of firsts for him, with a first ever shoe change in the pits but also a first C1 podium. “The course layout made the race very hard today,” said White. “And then there was the wind. But it was probably the most difficult course I have ever seen here in Providence. It was unfortunate about the crash and the shoe, but it was a great course that led to a harder style of racing. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

2015 KMC Cyclocross Festival Results - Elite Women Day One

177NASH KaterinaLuna Pro TeamCZE42:54:00
21COMPTON KatherineTrek Factory RacingUSA43:00:006
324MILLER AmandaBoulder Cycle Sport/YogagloUSA43:32:0038
418MANI CarolineRaleigh ClementFRA43:46:0052
533NOBLE EllenJam/Ncc/VittoriaUSA43:54:001:00
611WHITE EmmaCyclocrossworld Devo TeamUSA44:09:001:15
720ANTHONY CrystalBoulder Cycle Sport/YogagloUSA44:33:001:39
89MCFADDEN CourtenayAmerican Classic/ZonesUSA44:37:001:43
94ANTONNEAU KaitlinCannondale Pb Cyclocrossworld.CUSA44:38:001:44
1017ROCHETTE MaghalieLuna Pro TeamCAN44:42:001:48
1137NAUMAN AmandaSdg - Muscle MonsterUSA45:14:002:20
1212MILLER MeredithNoosa Pro Cyclocross TeamUSA45:29:002:35
138KEMMERER ArleyLevel Eleven Racing P/B Pb2USA45:30:002:36
1432FAHRINGER RebeccaAmy D RacingUSA45:57:003:03
1523MAXIMENKO CassandraVan Dessel/Ism/Powerbar/ChallenUSA46:09:003:15
1625DYCK MicalNaked Factory RacingCAN46:11:003:17
1729CUMMING KathrynCyclocross Magazine RacingUSA46:18:003:24
183ORTON Beth AnnKonaUSA46:45:003:51
1939GREASER JenaUSA47:08:004:14
2010ZAVETA EricaMaxxis-Shimano Pro Cyclocross TUSA47:08:00s.t.
2134RATHBUN LaurelRaliegh ClementUSA47:30:004:36
2230CUTLER JessicaJamis Pro CyclocrossUSA47:31:004:37
2314BOWMAN BrittleeHouse Ind/Withings/SimplehumanUSA47:35:004:41
2446WEST RubyCenturion Next WaveCAN48:47:005:53
2541BARBOSSA StaceyMidatlantic Colavita Women'S TeUSA48:54:006:00
2635STACHER AllyStan'S Notubes Elite CxUSA49:34:006:40
2772RUBINO RachelLevel Eleven Racing P/B Pb2USA49:35:00s.t.
2838KOROL MeghanTeam HandmadeUSA49:39:006:45
2950WRIGHT JulieTeam AvericaUSA49:39:00s.t.
3045SORNSON CherylTeam Rare Disease CyclingUSA49:58:007:04
3165MALIK JenniferGranville Brewing Co -- StanridUSA50:03:007:09
3247GROGAN JoanneNext-BmbUSA50:03:00s.t.
3355ZOERNER AshleyAlpha Bicycle Company Vista SubUSA50:13:007:19
3457TIMM LeslieLadies First RacingUSA50:24:007:30
3540IVES JennyVerge Test Pilot/JamisUSA50:34:007:40
3644SMITH DanielleTenspeed HeroUSA50:40:007:46
3758STEEN VictoriaLady Gnar ShreddersUSA51:05:008:11
3856WALKER KatinaPark Ave. Bike ShopUSA51:06:008:12
3971VETTER JauronState 9 Racing P/B VittoriaUSA51:07:00s.t.
4051GRAY MelodyColonial BicycleUSA51:10:008:16
4152FACCONE ErinTeam AvericaUSA51:20:008:26
4273KIRKPATRICK KateSeavs/HaymarketUSA51:33:008:39
4343SEIB MelissaBarker Mountain BikesUSA51:37:008:43
4464BROOIJMANS NatasjaGreen Line Velo Driven By ZipcaUSA51:41:008:47
4548DUPPLER JessicaColonial Bicycle CompanyUSA51:44:008:50
4663LOVITT IngridHellgate CycleryUSA51:54:009:00
4726WHITE ElizabethHouse Ind/Withings/SimplehumanUSA51:59:009:05
4876LEGGE ReginaGreen Line Velo Driven By ZipcaUSA52:04:009:10
4970MONAHAN VickieTeam Errace P/B Dso ManufacturiUSA52:06:009:12
5080SZYMKOWICZ CaitlinCrossresults.ComUSA52:09:009:15
5154DAGOSTINO LaurenTeam Elite EnduranceUSA52:30:009:36
5279HIGGINS CariUnitedhealthcareUSA52:51:009:57
5368REYNOLDS EmilyLadies First RacingUSA52:52:009:58
5467MORRISON FrancesC3 Twenty20 CyclingUSA53:06:0010:12
5553REUTER ChristinCrossresults.ComUSA53:22:0010:28
5662CHANG KellyVoler/Clif/Hrs/Rock LobsterUSA@1Lap
5760HEINRICH HeatherWooden Wheels RacingUSA@1Lap
5866ROSSI HannahTeam AvericaUSA@1Lap
5974LAFLEUR MelissaRoyal Mills P/B Graphic InnovatUSA@2Lap
DNF75BARCLAY VickiStan'S Notubes Elite Women'S TeamGBR
DNS13DURRIN GabriellaNeon Velo Pro CyclingGBR
DNS36SIMPSON JosieFlanders Nemisis Race TeanAUS
DNS61DINGMAN Anna JoTrt BicyclesUSA

2015 KMC Cyclocross Festival Results - Elite Men Day One

11POWERS JeremyAspireUSA198306291:00:24
28HYDE StephenCannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld.USA198703101:00:3511
33WHITE CurtisCannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld.USA199509281:01:281:04
423SUMMERHILL DanielMaxxis-Shimano Pro Cyclocross TUSA198902131:01:301:06
510DRISCOLL JamesRaleigh ClementUSA198611111:01:31s.t.
624WERNER KerryRaliegh ClementUSA199103271:02:011:37
75TREBON RyanCannondale/CyclocrossworldUSA198103051:02:151:51
846GAGNE RaphaelRed Truck – Garneau P/B EastonCAN198707161:02:16s.t.
917VAN DEN HAM MichaelRed Truck -- Garneau P/B EastonCAN199208021:02:231:59
1027WELLS ToddSpecializedUSA197512251:02:272:03
1120ORTENBLAD TobinCalifornia Giant / SpecializedUSA199409291:02:362:12
1212DURRIN JeremyNeon Velo Cycling TeamUSA198808111:02:402:16
1316DILLMAN AndrewCyclocross Network Racing P/B MUSA199404011:02:40s.t.
1411TIMMERMAN DanStan'S Notubes Elite CxUSA198006241:02:482:24
1599LIVERMON TravisMock Orange Bikes Pro Cx Team PUSA198804021:02:552:31
1618WELLS TroyTeam Clif BarUSA198406191:03:012:37
174KRUGHOFF AllenNoosa Pro Cyclocross TeamUSA198402191:03:052:41
1831KAISER CodyLangetwins / SpecializedUSA199205271:03:092:45
1934FREDERICK BenBeyondcxUSA198905261:03:122:48
2028LINDINE JustinApex / Nbx / TrekUSA198401111:03:443:20
2136THOMPSON EricHed Cycling ProductsUSA198906221:04:013:37
2233MCNICHOLAS DylanPolartecUSA198007191:04:033:39
2337WELLS JakeStan'S Notubes Elite CxUSA197806281:04:063:42
2442KISSEBERTH JackJam/Ncc/VittoriaUSA199303091:04:07s.t.
256MARION RobertAmerican Classic Pro Cx TeamUSA198201271:04:193:55
2645OBERMAN ColeRarediseasecycling.OrgUSA199008051:04:19s.t.
27100DAIGLE Marc AndreCAN198109101:04:223:58
2825MILLBURN GarryTrek Sram Champion SystemAUS198702021:05:184:54
2919SCHOUTEN TristanRolf Prima/Atitude SportsUSA198203111:05:204:56
3035ELLWOOD GrantBoulder Cycle Sport/YogagloUSA199605111:05:255:01
3132O'KEEFE SamuelHouse Ind/Withings/SimplehumanUSA199401241:05:275:03
3240CHABANOV DanielHouse Ind/Withings/SimplehumanUSA198705291:05:445:20
3381MURPHY KyleHudson/Ludwig & Larsen RacingUSA199110051:05:485:24
3452BRUSH WaltonMash SfUSA199008151:06:025:38
3576HAIDET LanceRaliegh ClementUSA199712231:06:02s.t.
3677GARRIGAN MikeVan Dessel/ Shimano/ VelocolourCAN198110241:06:105:46
3730MARTIN JeremyLouis GarneauCAN199205251:06:11s.t.
3880HALEY GavinGiant Factory Cyclocross TeamUSA199703281:06:596:35
3988DAVIS MerwinPathfinder Of WvUSA199212281:07:006:36
4038MYERSON AdamCycle-SmartUSA197205091:07:086:44
4196GOGUEN PeterRace CfUSA199608131:07:417:17
4270MURPHY EvanHudson/Ludwig & Larsen RacingUSA198803251:07:427:18
4372ST. GERMAIN AdamNext-BmbUSA198403141:07:597:35
4426ELLIOTT WilliamTeam Ncch P/B Dec ExpressCAN199504041:08:087:44
4554WILLSEY CooperCyclocrossworld.ComUSA199704181:08:448:20
4690JUILIANO AndrewVoler/Hrs/Rock LobsterUSA19880609@2Lap
4795WHITNEY JoshEvol RacingUSA19810621@2Lap
4874BLACKBURN TrentIndependent FabricationUSA19950208@2Lap
4982RATTA TimBarks X Wreck Adventure ClubUSA19760914@2Lap
5051THIBAULT-ROBERGE Jean-PhilippeTrek Cyclocross CollectiveCAN19891101@2Lap
5159BERHTRAM CharlesTeam CuppowUSA19800114@2Lap
5253CLOUTIER TylerMatrix/RbmUSA19890309@3Lap
5357FIX BrannanAlpha Bicycle Co./Vista SubaruUSA19970613@3Lap
5450WHITNEY GregoryArrow RacingUSA19850208@3Lap
5586CATLIN NicolasSherpaUSA19960129@3Lap
5664KEOUGH IanHot Tubes Junior DevelopmentUSA19970929@3Lap
5762KEOUGH NicholasUSA19890601@3Lap
5858LYSAGHT AndrewTeam CuppowUSA19840320@3Lap
5979LOAIZA AndrewThump Cycling P/B TurinUSA19871109@3Lap
6084DUGAN NathanCrca/Kh-Pactimo P/B CenturyUSA19900401@3Lap
6189DAVINO MarkToasted Head RacingUSA19881107@4Lap
6256SULLIVAN AdamGrinta! P/B Best Buddies ChalleUSA19830228@4Lap
6383SCHON IanTeam CuppowUSA19900124@4Lap
6491HUGHES BrianFast Splits MultisportUSA19770317@4Lap
6573LEAR SamuelC3 – Twenty20 Cycling Co.USA19970612@4Lap
6671COLEMAN BenjaminPro Tested GearUSA19840123@4Lap
6749MACLEOD PeteBarflyUSA19810512@4Lap
6893REIMANN AndrewCyclocross Magazine RacingUSA19830308@5Lap
6985GOORSKEY AbeAmerican Classic Pro Cx TeamUSA19701129@5Lap
DNF78DODGE CameronUSA19911010
DNF14CLARK AnthonySquid BikesUSA19870614
DNF9ANTHONY JesseOptum P/B Kelly Benefit StrategUSA19850612
DNF22MCCONNELL MarkHot Sauce Cycling ClubCAN19881002
DNF61KEOUGH LukeMaxxis-Shimano Pro Cyclocross TUSA19910810
DNF41SMITH ScottJam/Ncc/VittoriaUSA19940121
DNF87DOWNING SpencerUnattachedUSA19950620
DNF94BROOKS AndyNuts About Granola/Hoffman DieUSA19860911
DNF43ROBINSON HugoNeon VeloGBR19941219
DNF21FAVATA ChristianTrt BicyclesUSA19780204
DNF60KEOUGH JesseFoundation Cycling NycUSA19921127
DNF13BERDEN BenWcup Stoemper TrpBEL19750929
DNS39SONNTAG BenjaminTeam Clif Bar CyclingGER19800730
DNS44RYAN AlexMock Orange Bikes Pro Cx Team PUSA19880808
DNS92KAPPIUS BradenTeam Clif BarUSA19870529