Compton and Wyman come through the sand first at Derby City Day 2. © Cyclocross Magazine

Compton and Wyman come through the sand first at Derby City Day 2. © Cyclocross Magazine

Day two of the Derby City Cup USGP saw similar dry conditions, albeit in slightly cooler weather than Saturday’s race. Racers took to the course under cloudy skies, and sweatshirts were tossed on as the wind picked up. Earlier races saw Logan Owen of Redline making up for yesterday’s early crash and hard-earned win by running a flawless race and separating himself early on from the rest of the 17-18 field, proving why he’s one of the US’s best hopes for a Worlds podium this season.


Elite Women

Helen Wyman (Kona) was dead set on making up for a fourth place performance on Day One and snagged the holeshot, followed closely by Katerina Nash (Luna) and Katie Compton (Trek). Halfway through lap one, Compton had again taken control of the race, and Nash was the only racer able to keep up with the unstoppable Trek rider. Behind them, Wyman soloed trying to make contact, and behind her, an intense Georgia Gould (Luna) chased along with British racer Gabby Day (Rapha Focus) and Gould’s teammate, Teal Stetson-Lee.

Halfway into lap three, Compton had established a sizable gap on Nash, with Gould now well ahead of Wyman, in almost an exact repeat of yesterday’s performance. Wyman struggled to close the gap, and behind her, Day was chasing hard, with Stetson-Lee and Kaitie Antonneau (Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld) hot on her heels. Behind them, the race was strung out nearly the entire way around the course.

While the positions remained the same by halfway through the race, the gaps were growing exponentially between the race leaders. Behind Day and Stetson-Lee, a small chase group formed with Julie Krasniak (Rapha Focus), Antonneau, Pepper Harlton and Caroline Mani (Raleigh Clement).

A lap later, and Compton had begun to pick off more racers — those who were being lapped by the Trek rider. Placings remained the same, but Mani and Krasniak had formed a French tour de force and had ridden away from the chase group, though Antonneau fought hard to close the gap.

Compton soloed in for an obvious finish to the weekend, with wins in every USGP that she’s entered this year. Nash followed a minute back, holding on for the same spot as yesterday, and Gould took yet another bronze medal for third. Wyman again took fourth spot, and Day found redemption from Saturday’s race with a fifth place spot. The battle for sixth to ninth was between Mani, Krasniak, Antonneau and Stetson-Lee, with Mani taking sixth and Krasniak, Antonneau and Stetson-Lee behind.

Elite Men

Tim Johnson (Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld) surprised the crowds by taking the lead early on in the race, going into the runup in first spot, with the usual suspects thundering behind him, including a now-Garmin-clad Danny Summerhill. Rapha-Focus rider Chris Jones also surprised crowds by coming into the second lap at the head of the race, after successfully blocking an attack by Johnson. A lap in, the group was still together with much of the field, albeit strung out single file for over a minute.

Johnson and Jones traded off leading the race, possibly as a strategy to preserve the legs of their respective teammates Jeremy Powers (Rapha-Focus) and Ryan Trebon (Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld), who remained in the lead group along with Zach McDonald (Rapha-Focus), Ben Berden (Raleigh-Clement) and Danny Summerhill.

Raleigh Clement rider Allen Krughoff was close behind the group but an early mechanical set him far behind the lead group.

Behind them, Brian Matter, Justin Lindine (Redline), Tristan Schouten, Yannick Eckmann (Cal-Giant) and Jamey Driscoll (Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld) chased, and were followed by a group led by Adam Craig, who took fourth place yesterday. With six laps to go, the chase group connected with the leaders, forming a group of 12 men in the front as they rode into the flyover.

The leaders attacked over and over, attempting to form a separation from the large group, and Trebon went off of the front. Eckmann and Schouten fell back from the pace, though the other nine racers continued to pursue Trebon very quickly, as Powers, Trebon and Berden made contact in the sand and began to create a bigger gap on the rest of the lead group.

With five laps to go, the gap between the three and the rest of the chase group, which now included Schouten, had grown to 12 seconds by the time racers hit the flyover.

Minutes later, Johnson attacked and began to close the gap, as the rest of the group furiously tried to catch back onto the flying trio.

Four to go found Powers and Berden working together seconds ahead of the Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld teammates, with a sizable gap to the rest of the leaders, led by Summerhill. Eckmann furiously attempted to make contact with the chase, to no avail, and Craig and Krughoff followed close behind.

Powers wasn’t content to stay with Berden, however, and attacked before the duo hit the sand going into the tail end of the lap, with Trebon and Johnson closing fast. The chase group remained surprisingly intact, eight men deep.

With three to go, Driscoll started to break away from the chase group, working hard to join his teammates seconds ahead. The chase group refused to let up, and Summerhill led the charge to re-close the gap.

At the tail end of three to go, Trebon and Johnson caught Berden riding into the sand, with Driscoll about 10 seconds behind, and well clear of a rapidly deteriorating chase group.

Powers continued to grow his gap, riding smoothly through the corners and into the flyover as the group behind him worked to shed Johnson. Driscoll was slowly narrowing the margin between himself and his teammates, but with two laps to go it seemed to be a Herculean task. The chase group remained startlingly cohesive as the race wound down to the final minutes, and the sixth place spot was up for contention.

The bell sounded and Powers hit the final lap virtually unopposed, while Johnson made the incredible catch, riding up to Berden and Trebon, and the three began battling in earnest for second. Johnson was in the lead into the flyover, having his best ride of the season. Well behind them, the chase group began battling it out, with Schouten and Jones trying to separate from the group. Half a lap in, Johnson attacked, with Berden on his wheel and Trebon struggling to keep up the pace. Into the sand, Berden led Johnson and Trebon was several bike lengths behind, and continued to follow behind. Berden put in a huge effort to separate from Johnson, and in the final sprint, Berden took second and Johnson took third spot, with Trebon picking up fourth and Driscoll in fifth, a Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld straight flush.

Stay tuned for videos.

Elite Women’s Results:

11COMPTON KatherineTrek Cyclocross Collective
24NASH KaterinaLuna Pro Team
312GOULD GeorgiaLuna Pro Team
42WYMAN Helen
55DAY GabriellaRapha-FOCUS
66MANI CarolineRaleigh Clement
83ANTONNEAU KaitlinCannondale Cyclocrossworld
910STETSON-LEE TealLuna Pro Team
1036WILCOXSON JadeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strateg
1116HARLTON PepperJuventus Cycling Club
1217CAREY AmandaVolkswagon Boise
1321MCNELLIS SMALL CarmenOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strateg
1418DYCK MicalStan's NoTubes
1622MCFADDEN CourtenayClifBar/Redline
1719BATTY Emily
1815KEMMERER ArleyC3-Athletes Serving Athletes
1923ROCHETTE MaghaliePowerwatts-FTTIME
209BRUNO ROY MaureenBob's Red Mill pb Seven Cycles
2148STRIGEL AbbyTeam Abyssa
2214SMITH AndreaLadiesFirst Racing
2330MILLER AmandaOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strateg
2428MORRISON FrancesJAM Fund / NCC / Vittoria
2534ARNOLD KatieBob's Red Mill Cyclocross
2731GROSS RebeccaKCCX/Fuji p/b Challenge Tires
2837SHIELDS KatherineMOB Pro CX Team
2940SONE LindaCrossniacs p/b Wesley
3033JAMES AshleyKCCX/Fuji p/b Challenge Tires
3141BIRCH ChristinaJ.A.M. Fund / NCC / Vittoria
3238MUCH RebeccaThe Service Course | World Bicy
3327SHIELDS EmilyMOB Pro CX Team
3435ARENSMAN AllisonPepper Palace/Spin-Tech p/b ABR
3544MARKEY AmberMy Wife, Inc
3646FLECK JeanneVELO Duluth- Twin Ports Cyclery
3725SILLIMAN ErinCorsa Concepts Cyclocross Team
3847SIEBENLIST SierraMatthews Bicycles
3953GIBSON ShannonStan's NoTubes Elite Cyclocross
4049OWINGS JessicaMOAB Cyclocross
4150WILLIAMS RobinMercy-Specialized
4252DONOVAN BridgetBioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
4354BROCKET KarenEthos Racing
4420KOROL MeghanBob's Red Mill Cyclocross
4551AMBJORN CooperTeam Hungry
DNF29BLATT RebeccaVan Dessel
DNF39OSBORNE CorrieTeam Extreme
DNF42LEHNER CinthiaPepper Palace/Spin-Tech p/b ABR
DNS7MILLER MeredithCalifornia Giant Berry Farms
DNS11DUKE NicoleRaleigh / Clement
DNS24SMILEY MarneBob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team
DNS32NOBLE EllenTrek Cyclocross Collective
DNS43BOREM NicoleDon Walker Cycles Racing
DNS45THOMAS KimberlyFusion/LiveStrong

Elite Men’s Results:

25BEL19750929BERDEN BenRaleigh Clement
33USA19770805JOHNSON TimothyVolkswagen/peopleforbikes/Canno
42USA19810305TREBON RyanCannondale/Clement
54USA19861111DRISCOLL JamesUCI CT: Jamis/Sutter Home
67USA19790806JONES ChristopherRapha-FOCUS
716USA19820311SCHOUTEN TristanOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strateg
86USA19910213*MCDONALD Zach *Rapha-FOCUS
99USA19780606MATTER BrianRACC pb GG
1010USA19890213SUMMERHILL DanielUCI CT: Chipotle Development Te
1114USA19810815CRAIG AdamGiant Rabobank Team
1317GER19931130*ECKMANN Yannick *California Giant/Specialized
1412USA19840111LINDINE JustinRedline
1553USA19910918*FINSTERWALD Russell *Trek Cyclo-Cross Collective
1633USA19800526SHRIVER Matt
1715CAN19920401*MCNEELY Evan *Specialized Canada
1848USA19841209PAXSON SpencerKona Bicycles
2032USA19880814JACKSON ChrisCastex Racing p/b Felt
218USA19880811DURRIN JeremyJAM Fund / NCC / Vittoria
2230USA19940929*ORTENBLAD Tobin *California Giant Berry Farms
2339USA19940401*DILLMAN Andrew *Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross
2451USA19860708NEFF Isaac
2542CAN19860914MORKA Adam
2641USA19830805BABCOCK SeanKona
2723USA19811115WICKS BarryKona
2837USA19750226CANDELARIO AlexanderOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strateg
2925USA19720509MYERSON AdamTeam SmartStop/Mountain Khakis
3052USA19830131WITTWER GregBob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team
3118USA19920527*KAISER Cody *California Giant Berry Farms/Sp
3249USA19880121DALLE ANGELINI GiancarloDon Walker Cycles
3340USA19920730*FISH Kevin *KCCX/Fuji pb Challenge Tires
3428USA19820127MARION RobertAmerican Classic Pro CX Team
3536USA19940616*DICKENS Chase *American Classic Pro Team
3638USA19921007*TRUJILLO Skyler *Niner/Stans/Erogn
3773USA19941117*GODBY Zane *Clif Bar junior development
3847USA19900303SCHMALZ JosephSource Endurance
3946USA19870529KAPPIUS BradenClif Bar Development Cross Team
4062USA19941013*HALEY Luke *Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team
4168USA19821218REARDON AndyBob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team
4274USA19910327*WERNER JR. Kerry *USA BMC U23 Development Team
4366USA19890123ANDERSON MikeBissell ABG/Nuvo
4480USA19790702SIEGLE JasonSDG/Felt
4511USA19840619WELLS TroyTeam CLIF BAR
4626USA19930606*BAHNSON Jeffrey *Van Dessel Factory Team
4720USA19840513KNAPP RyanPony Shop Cyclocross
4854GER19801022BAUMANN SvenWolverine Sports Club
4929USA19900104WELSH JosephMock Orange Bikes
5057USA19921217*GAFFNEY Lewis *Team FITaos
5145USA19850320KERSTING MitchellBob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team
5255USA19810809MONK JasonTeam WHAYNE
5376USA19890622THOMPSON EricPlan C p/b Challenge Tires
5478USA19811017ALLEN Matthewbehindbars/littleguyracing
5560USA19940110*GORRY Richard Cypress *Whole Athlete-Specialized
5671USA19880217TIEMAN ChadTeam Upland p/b Sustainable Cyc
5743USA19910318*GEROW Daniel *Wolverine Racing Elite U/23
5863USA19890903BOGEDIN Christopher CruiseWolverine Elite Cyclocross Team
5972USA19850404STREET BillKuhl/ Velocity Wheels/BH
6067USA19850320SMITH RayBob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team
6131USA19920831*JOHNSON Josh *Bissell-ABG-Nuvo
6261USA19890131CRAWFORD JustinVeloshine Cycling Team
6370USA19920317*FRETER Johnathan *Don Walker Cycles Racing
6469USA19880624GANTZER p/b DICE
6579USA19761110BILLITER JamesBioWheels/Reece-Campbell Racing
6724USA19861010SHERER MikeOptum p/b Kelly Benefit Strateg
6875USA19820920PARMELEE MarkCycletherapy / Specialized Raci
DNF13USA19880402LIVERMON TravisMock Orange Racing
DNF22USA19880314HOKE MitchellTeam Clif Bar
DNF77USA19910311*KING Zeb *MOB p/b Ridley
DNS19CAN19880616BATTY Emily
DNS44USA19870924MARKEY AmberMy Wife, Inc
DNS50USA19791117WILLIAMS RobinMercy-Specialized
DNS56USA19820705WALZ TrevorHoney Stinger/Bontrager
DNS58USA19840511REYES DavidSRAM Factory
DNS59USA19860417VITON AnthonyBSM Cycling
DNS64USA19811015COLE BradKCCX Fuji Elite Cyclocross Team p/b Challenge Tires
DNS65USA19770826RIENTS Jesse