Sue Butler, post-race in Plzen

Laurent Charras of Petitesreines returns with a follow-up to his fantastic video of the Aigle World Cup with his look behind the scenes of the Women’s Plzen World Cup. What sets Charras’ videos apart is the pre- and post-race footage, which gives a sense of all the work – and heart – that goes into performing on that grand stage.

Mixed in you’ll find an explanation of sidewall protection, via sealant, in French (“plus robuste!”), warm-ups and course scouting, mechanics at work…. And the race footage? It’s the Cyclocross Coupe de Monde – oh yeah, it’s awesome. Think that these women don’t give it absolutely everything? Check out the post-race shots of American Sue Butler and others just after the finish line and you’ll quickly change that assessment.

Laurent Charras’ 2010 Plzen World Cup Video: