Guerciotti is a legendary Italian bicycle company who specializes in top level road, track and cyclocross bikes. Planet X USA is proud to be their exclusive North American distributor.

A Prestigious History:
Founded in 1964, Guerciotti have carved an unbeatable reputation for their bikes and racers both in Italy and worldwide. The story started when Italo Guerciotti, a noted and expert cyclocross rider, decided with his brother Paolo to open a small shop selling and maintaining bicycles in Milan. The brothers went on to build their own frames and have become perhaps Italy’s leading performance bike brand, still retaining the same attention to detail and craftsmanship values they had in the beginning.

Racing Heritage:
In 1976 Guerciotti bikes debuted in the professional circuit sponsoring the prof team Fiorella Mocassini and continuing with Fiorella Citroen, Magniflex Fam Cucine (winning 5 stages at the 1979 Giro d’Italia), Santini Selle Italia, Alfa Lum and Dromedario Sidermec. In these years many important riders win with a Guerciotti bike like G.B. Baronchelli and Giovanni Battaglin.

More recently, Guerciotti returned to the professional circuit winning three stages of the Centenary Giro d’Italia (one with Leonardo Bertagnolli and two with Michele Scarponi) and arriving close to the podium in the 2010 with Michele Scarponi.

The Ferrari of Cyclo-Cross:
Guerciotti’s prestigious roots lie firmly within the cyclocross discipline. Cyclocross is the first and foremost passion of director Paulo and with 850 professional cyclocross victories from 1977 to 2001 alone the team has an enviable pedigree. In 1977 Paolo Guerciotti founded Team GS GUERCIOTTI. This team, in the following years, became a landmark for cyclocross in Italy and in the world, earning the nickname of “multinational in the mud” and the “Mapei of Cyclocross”- winning 10 world championships. The Guerciotti brand became absolutely the leading brand in cyclocross, also having two of the strongest riders in cyclocross history: Roland Liboton and Vito Ditano. Today, Daniele Pontoni continues to bring global accolades to the Guerciotti star, becoming the brand’s tenth cyclocross world champion.

Cutting Edge Technologies:

Working with pro teams and providing bikes for the world’s best riders has been a core influence and developmental aid in terms of technology and design. Theirs is a heritage firmly based in competition. Today, Guerciotti’s breakthrough “No Limit Carbon Engineering,” developing materials knowledge monocoque carbon design with absolute cutting edge technology. Raw material Quality Testing ensures only the best materials are used and that material synergy is optimized. Furthermore, they have introduced Lightness Wrapped Carbon Technology- where the positioning of carbon fiber skins are superimposed so as to orientate more filaments along the stress lines to modify the mechanical efficiency of the structure and of some of its parts.