pijnacker-elite-bhazen001.jpg World Champs Lars Boom and Hanka Kupfernagel proudly displayed their rainbow jerseys today, taking big wins at the World Cup in Pijnacker, Netherlands today. America Katie Compton showed the value in skipping the Boulder Cup to rest for her European campaign, and showed great form in her return to Europe. Full results and photo gallery below.

by Bart Hazen of the Daily Peloton

World Cup Cyclocross #3 – Pijnacker: Elite Men

The Cyclocross scene gathered together in Pijnacker (November 9) for the third round of the 2008-2009 World Cup. The first two World Cups were won respectively by Sven Nys (Kalmthout) and Niels Albert (Tabor). Could Lars Boom stop the Belgians in his own home country?

With Niels Albert as leader in the World Cup series the race went underway with dry but cold weather conditions. Czech Champion Zdenek Stybar had the best start followed by Belgian Champion Sven Nys and Stybar’s compatriot Radomir Simunek.

The course was very tough, also due to the overnight rain, with sand sections, mud, hills and all facets for a real cross. In the third lap the youngsters Lars Boom (Rabobank) and Niels Albert (Palmans-Cras) took control of the race and got rid of the others. The two build up a solid lead on the closest competitors with Sven Nys, Bart Wellens and Sven Vanthourenhout battling for the third podium spot.

pijnacker-elite-bhazen018.jpg In the remaining laps Boom and Albert attacked each other but they entered the final lap together, but in the final corners of the race Boom got rid of Albert to win his first race of the season. Niels Albert finished as second and kept his lead in the World Cup standings.

Half a minute behind Boom and Albert it came down to a sprint for the third place between the arch rivals Sven Nys and Bart Wellens. Nys won the sprint as Wellens clicked out of his pedal.

The best American in the race was Jonathan Page. Page finished on a poor 29th position due to a puncture. Canadian Andre Sutton finished last, lapped with three to go.

The Cyclocross scene will continue on Tuesday in the second race of the Gazet van Antwerpen Trophy in Niel. The first race on the Koppenberg (November 1) was won by Sven Nys with Boom and Albert completing the podium.

Elite Women

pijnacker-elite-bhazen002.jpg The Cyclocross scene gathered together in Pijnacker (November 9) for the third round of the 2008-2009 World Cup. The first two World Cups were won respectively by Daphny van den Brand (Kalmthout) and Hanka Kupfernagel (Tabor).

With Hanka Kupfernagel as leader in the World Cup series the race went underway with dry but cold weather conditions. American Katherine Compton, returning in competition after a leg injury, had the best start of all. She had to start in the back of the field due to the lack of UCI Points.

Compton was very impressive in the first part of the race and amassed a lead of twenty seconds on the chasing group led by Hanka Kupfernagel. The World Champion, who had a poor start, reckoned the danger and attacked out of the chasing group in search of race leader Compton.

Lap by lap Kupfernagel came closer to Compton and in the final lap the German was able to caught up with Compton due to a misfortune of the American Champion.

Kupfernagel let her break companion behind and grabbed her second World Cup win in a row. Due to this she also extends her lead in the World Cup. Katie Compton finished as second and Czech Katherina Nash as third. The Dutch riders Elemans and Van den Brand finished as fourth and fifth on their home soil.

The other Northern Americans Wendy Simms and Christine Vardaros finished respectively as 14th and 31st.

Despite losing the race due to a misfortune Compton was happy with her performance as she didn’t expected to be that good already after her injury.

The women’s scene will continue in Asper-Gavere next Sunday (November 16).


Full Results

Elite Men:

  1. BOOM Lars NED 1:02:30
  2. ALBERT Niels BEL +00:06
  3. NYS Sven BEL +00:34
  4. WELLENS Bart BEL +00:38
  6. GROENENDAAL Richard NED +01:07
  7. PAUWELS Kevin BEL +01:10
  8. MOUREY Francis FRA +01:11
  9. VANTORNOUT Klaas BEL +01:27
  10. FRANZOI Enrico ITA +01:30
  11. DE KNEGT Gerben NED +01:33
  12. AL Thijs NED +01:37
  13. STYBAR Zdenek CZE +01:58
  14. HEULE Christian SUI +02:08
  15. VANTHOURENHOUT Dieter BEL +02:17
  16. PEETERS Rob BEL +02:25
  17. AERNOUTS Bart BEL +02:34
  18. BAZIN Nicolas FRA +02:36
  19. ZAHNER Simon SUI +02:42
  20. SIMUNEK Radomir CZE +03:36
  21. VAN GILS Wilant NED +03:37
  22. VAN AMERONGEN Thijs NED +03:44
  23. BINA Martin CZE +03:56
  24. FONTANA Marco Aurelio ITA +04:15
  25. AUSBUHER Kamil CZE +04:34
  26. VAN IJZENDOORN Eddy NED +04:47
  27. URSI Fabio ITA +04:53
  28. KULHAVY Jaroslav CZE +05:05
  29. PAGE Jonathan USA +05:12
  30. ZABALLA GUTIERREZ Constantino ESP +05:23
  31. DRUCKER Jempy LUX +05:28
  32. ZLAMALIK Martin CZE +05:35
  33. DARVELL Magnus SWE +05:43
  34. BIANCO Marco ITA +05:50
  35. KYZIVAT Vladimir CZE +05:57
  36. DEREPAS David FRA +06:07
  37. BARENYI Milan SVK +06:23
  38. PARBO Joachim DEN +06:51
  39. KASEK David CZE +06:59
  40. GIL Mariusz POL +07:06
  41. SICKMUELLER Johannes GER +07:21
  42. METLICKA Vaclav SVK +07:39
  43. VAN LEEUWEN Patrick NED +08:17
  44. WILDHABER Marcel SUI +08:48
  45. BAUSCH Gusty LUX +09:10
  47. VISINELLI Rafael ITA -1LAP
  49. GLAJZA Robert SVK -1LAP
  50. HARING Martin SVK -1LAP
  51. SUTTON Andre CAN -3LAP
    LOPEZ Jonathan FRA DNF3

Elite Women:

  1. KUPFERNAGEL Hanka GER 0:36:21
  2. COMPTON Katherine USA +00:08
  3. NASH Katerina CZE +00:28
  4. ELEMANS Saskia NED +00:34
  5. VAN DEN BRAND Daphny NED +00:44
  6. WYMAN Helen GBR +00:52
  7. INGELS Veerle BEL +01:05
  8. HAVLIKOVA Pavla CZE +01:13
  9. CANT Sanne BEL +01:42
  10. FERRIER-BRUNEAU Christel FRA +01:43
  11. TRIQUET-CLAUDE Nadia FRA +01:56
  12. MANI Caroline FRA +02:00
  13. VAN PAASSEN Sanne NED +02:08
  14. SIMMS Wendy CAN +02:17
  15. GRIMBERG Arenda NED +02:53
  16. VANDERBEKEN Joyce BEL +02:59
  17. DAY Gabriella GBR +03:09
  19. GUNNEWIJK Loes NED +03:21
  20. KYPTOVA Jana CZE +03:33
  21. BRESCIANI Daniela ITA +03:48
  22. FRANCISSEN Abke NED +04:18
  23. HARRIS Nikki GBR +04:19
  24. WILLEMS Gertie BEL +04:39
  25. ALESSIO Veronica ITA +04:56
  26. OGISHIMA Mika JPN +05:51
  27. WASIUK Marzena POL +05:56
  28. VAN RIJEN Linda NED +06:41
  29. JURANEK Susanne GER +06:44
  30. BOBER Nancy BEL +07:06
  31. VARDAROS Christine USA +07:13
  32. DE BIE – LEYTEN Nicole BEL +07:17
  33. MÜLLER Lise SUI +08:35
  34. THIJS Katrien BEL +08:57
  35. VERMEIREN Katrien BEL -1LAP