Everybody seemed to get a front row call-up for the 30 minutes race. © Tom Robertson

Everybody seemed to get a front row call-up for the 30 minutes race. © Tom Robertson

The group of US riders calling the Euro Cross Camp house in Izegem, Belgium, home for the holidays this year is a gifted lot. Some of the best in the nation, including current National Champions Zach McDonald (collegiate) and Jeff Bahnson (Junior), who, along with with Gunnar Bergey, finally got out of Heathrow airport after four days, and are currently preparing to face the best in the world.

Euro Cross Camp has given up-and-coming riders from the US a chance to live the life of the pros for the week between Christmas and New Year’s, focusing only on riding, racing and gaining the experience that will put them on the top of the World’s podiums. Geoff Proctor and the rest of the crew ensure the riders have everything they need, including the activities needed to fill the off-days.

In between the six to eight races that the riders will do over their time in Europe, there is a gap that allows for a little friendly competition. Geoff Proctor held a training race just down the road from camp headquarters on Wednesday, December 22, in an effort to keep some spark in the legs between racing on the weekends.

Kona’s Ryan Trebon came down to join the camp’s racers as they departed the house just before noon for the 2 kilometer ride down to the start. The course was run down along the canal, just on the edge of Izegem, and on a classic Belgium day that was damp, wet and ultra foggy. The race was 30 minutes with bragging rights and a day off from chores around the house for the winners of each category. In the end Rapha-Focus’ Zach McDonald edged Ryan Trebon for the overall win with a bike throw at the finish.

Photographer Tom Robertson was on-hand to catch all the action. See his gallery documenting the outing below: