Park Tool has long been an iconic tool brand among bike shops and home mechanics with its stylized blue products. We all know that the buildup of new technology and new standards can be difficult to keep track of, and Park Tool certainly has to stay on point to offer essential tools to service modern bicycle components.

At Interbike 2015, Park Tool showed off its most recent products, clearly offering solutions for propitiatory derailleur hangers, press fit bottom brackets and hub bearings, belt drives, 12mm thru axles and the desire for everything moving to disc.

With bike manufacturers ensuring that torque specs are labeled on all of their parts, torque wrenches have been around for years. Park Tool is expanding their offerings in 2015 with both preset and adjustable Torque Drivers. The preset versions will come in 4, 5 and 6 Nm versions, and all models store 3, 4, 5mm and T25 bits in the handles. While other companies have created similar preset models, Park Tool calibrates all of their Torque Drivers in Minnesota, and boasts a longer span without losing accuracy.

The company also revealed a facing tool for disc brake mounts, which can impressively adapt to three brake mount standards along with most axle configurations.

Park Tool has also expanded its quick release press selection beyond the Headset Press (HHP). The company showed off its latest Bottom Bracket Press Set and Hub Bearing Press Set at Interbike.

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Park Tool’s latest products at Interbike 2015. © A. Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

Park Tool showed of its Preset and Adjustable Torque Drivers. All of them are dialed in at the company’s Minnesota facility, and the Preset Drivers will go for $45 and the adjustable driver (shown here) will be priced higher at $73. © A. Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

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