At the 2015 Lost and Found, plenty of big names in cyclocross tried out their legs on the 100-mile course. Some tried to push their limits, and (successfully) attempted to break the records set the year before. Others, however, transformed the gravel race into an experience, taking in the wide open skies and evergreen sights that Northern California had to offer.

The three Amigos, Nicole Duke, Emily Kachorek and Courtenay McFadden, set off on such an adventure together, all finishing the race at the same time.

“I look at my summer on the bike as a collection of experiences,” Duke told Cyclocross Magazine. “I now like to say that i ‘participate’ instead of race. This perspective has brought so much more enjoyment to my career and I get to do things like the Lost and Found ride with girlfriends and really soak in the moments. I now love writing and sharing about my experiences in hopes that it will inspire others to join.”

“The race weekend will be one that goes down in the memory banks for all of us I’m sure,” Duke continued. “We also had the privilege of doing our recovery ride the next day on the Flume Trail in Lake Tahoe on our [cyclocross bikes]….”

Duke posted a video of this later adventure on YouTube. If the amazing sights overlooking Lake Tahoe don’t get your blood pumping, the narrow trails along the crag certainly will.