Allen Krughoff and Meredith Miller's Cyclocross Team has re-signed Noosa Yoghurt for the 2015 cyclocross seaosn.

Allen Krughoff and Meredith Miller’s Cyclocross Team has re-signed Noosa Yoghurt for the 2015/2016 cyclocross seaosn.

Noosa Yoghurt kicked off this cyclocross season with a bang with Miller’s CrossVegas win and Krughoff’s multiple podiums. Apparently that bang was plenty loud enough for the company to notice and want more. See the full press release below.

BOULDER, CO – Allen Krughoff and Meredith Miller announced today that Noosa Finest Yoghurt will return as the title sponsor of their co-owned and co-managed professional cyclocross program for the 2015-2016 season.

“It’s awesome to have Noosa back for a second season,” said Miller. “They’ve been a great fit from the very beginning. They’ve really embraced us and made us feel like part of the Noosa family.”

“It’s been a great experience with Allen and Meredith,” said Scott Larson, Brand Manager at Noosa. “They’re such great representatives of the brand. There are some things we can do to ramp the program up a bit, but the big thing for 2015 is to continue doing what we’ve been doing.”

Krughoff and Miller initially signed the Bellvue, Colorado-based company as title sponsor in July 2014, allowing them just enough time to prepare for the upcoming cyclocross season.

Meredith Miller is all smiles with her first win as a team owner and married woman. © Cyclocross Magazine

Meredith Miller is all smiles with her first win as a team owner and married woman. © Cyclocross Magazine

“This year with Noosa has been an incredible success,” said Krughoff. “We assembled a pretty dialed-in program for how quickly we put it all together. We couldn’t have done that without the support from Noosa.”

“We didn’t really know what the season was going to look like and what kind of successes we were going to have,” added Miller. “We started the season in a big way at CrossVegas— that win was like a dream come true on so many different levels. From Vegas we were able to carry the momentum throughout the season as we continually kept Noosa in the spotlight.”

“We’ve had constant feedback that the sponsorship works,” noted Larson. “People are saying, ‘We tried Noosa because of the sponsorship of the team, and it’s the best yoghurt.’ That’s been a really great thing. We see it on social media and in emails from fans.”

Krughoff and Miller’s partnership with Noosa has been incredibly positive, and they’re looking forward to what 2015 has in store.

“Our working relationship with Noosa has been great,” explained Miller. “With them being just north of Fort Collins, it’s easy for us to get up there to do video and photo shoots. Now we can do that over the next year instead of having to cram it all in at the beginning or even during the season.”

The pair is excited to have more time to prepare for the 2015-2016 season, which will ultimately allow them to hone in on their role as racers next season.

“Knowing this far in advance that Noosa is coming back will allow us to reach out for more help to take some of the load off so we can more closely focus on being riders,” said Miller. “It also allows us to spend more time thinking about what we want to do in 2015 and 2016 and lay out our goals instead of having to just jump right in like we did this season.”

“Moving forward in 2015 with Noosa staying on as our title sponsor is going to allow Meredith and I to capitalize on all the groundwork we had to do this year to get the team up and running,” added Krughoff. “With that workload off our plate, we’ll have time to focus on polishing up the program and putting together something that’s really special.”

About Noosa Finest Yoghurt

Noosa Finest Yoghurt was founded in 2009 by a collective of Aussie ex-pats and Colorado natives who set out to bring the best tasting Aussie style yoghurt to the U.S. Noosa Finest Yoghurt is sold in more than 5,000 grocery, natural and specialty stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Target, Safeway, Kroger and The Fresh Market. Noosa is available in 13 flavors and is sold in 4-ounce variety packs and in individual 8- and 16-ounce cups. For more information, visit and “like” us on Facebook at

About Noosa Professional Cyclocross Team

Allen Krughoff and Meredith Miller signed Bellvue, Colorado-based Noosa Finest Yoghurt as title sponsor to the rider-owned and operated professional cyclocross program in July 2014. The team co-owners also represent the squad’s entire roster. Noosa Professional Cyclocross Team has roots in Boulder and a race schedule worldwide.