Written by Andrew Reimann, Men’s Elite Race by Michelle Lee

Sunday at the Nittany Lion UCI race felt more like cyclocross, with temperatures falling 15 degrees from Day One’s scorching heat. The overnight rain created a deep bog of mud on the course near the velodrome, but is also turned the loose dirt of yesterday’s wooded section into tacky curves that gripped tires.

The only other major differences during Day 2 were that the course traveled in reverse and an additional wooded section with a log barrier was added. Jacob Lasley, winner of Nittany Lion Day One, told us he was mechanically prepared for mud, but mentally, he would have preferred another grass crit.

Women’s Elite Race, Nittany Day 2

Despite the softer conditions, a larger pack stayed at the front for a little longer today. By the time the riders were over a lap in, however, the same four elite riders as yesterday: Arley Kimmerer (PB2 Pro Cycling), Laura Van Gilder (Van Dessel p/b Mellow Mushroom), Ellen Noble (JAM Fund / NCC), and Gabby Durrin (Neon Velo Cycling). emerged after lap one. Kimmerer looked strong early, creating a small gap, but crashed and fell back to 12th with four to go.

Durrin, Noble, and Van Gilder traded places on the front. In the added section of the day, Ellen Noble was the only one of the three leaders who rode the log at each lap, with Durrin and Van Gilder electing to dismount. After the race, Noble told me, “I was able to carry my tires over it until the last lap. My rear tire hit the log and it cost me a good two seconds.”

Gabby crashed in the only muddy section of the race, effectively taking her out of competition for first.

Van Gilder going elbow-to-elbow with Noble to take the 2014 Nittany Lion Cyclocross Day 2 win. © Cyclocross Magazine

Van Gilder going elbow-to-elbow with Noble to take the 2014 Nittany Lion Cyclocross Day 2 win. © Cyclocross Magazine

Van Gilder and Noble stuck with each other to the finish. Once again, Van Gilder positioned herself perfectly for the sprint, but this time she remained extra focused over the last few turns, and powered to the finish line as the clear victor. According to Noble, the day 1 finish was a lot closer. Van Gilder is a world-class sprinter, and made sure she didn’t give this victory away after her Day 1, last-corner crash while in the lead.

L to R: Ellen Noble, Laura Van Gilder, Gabby Durrin. 2014 Nittany Lion Cyclocross Day 2. © Cyclocross Magazine

L to R: Ellen Noble, Laura Van Gilder, Gabby Durrin. 2014 Nittany Lion Cyclocross Day 2. © Cyclocross Magazine

 Men’s Elite Race, Nittany Lion Day 2

Unlike yesterday, the large pack of men were much more quickly shredded than the large group that seemed to linger on during Day One. Jacob Lasley (Team Soundpony), yesterday’s winner, crashed early in the race, losing his saddle somewhere in the course. He crossed the lap line with six to go, riding towards the pit, obviously standing and looking fatigued.

Dan Timmerman (HOUSE INDUSTRIES/SIMPLEHUMAN/RICHARD SACHS) and Stephen Hyde (JAM Fund / NCC) worked at the front for much of the race, with Jeremy Durrin (Neon Velo Cycling) and Curtis White (Cannondale p/b staying third and fourth wheel. Lukas Winterburg (MG-Cycling Team), second place finisher of the day before, held onto the back of the group for much of the race until he was dropped.

2014 Nittany Lion Cyclocross Day 2. © Cyclocross Magazine

Hyde opened a slight gap as the men came through start finish with five to go, and began cementing his lead position against the rest of the group, with only White able to stay in contention. White would press on for the last half of the race, bringing the gap down to nine seconds with one lap to go, but in the end, it would not be enough. Meanwhile, Timmerman did much of the heavy lifting as he led in the chase behind. He was on the verge of making contact with White when his rear tubular rolled, leaving him to run to the pits. White sailed safely home for second while Jeremy Durrin took third.

2014 Nittany Lion Cyclocross Day 2. © Cyclocross Magazine

2014 Nittany Lion Cyclocross Day 2 - Men's Results

18HYDE StephenJam Fund / NccMAUSA1:03:00--
23WHITE CurtisCannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld.ComNYUSA1:03:1000:10
312DURRIN JeremyNeon Velo Cycling TeamMAUSA1:03:1800:18
478DODGE CameronPure Energy/Scott BikesPAUSA1:03:3600:36
534TIMMERMAN DanHouse Industries/Simplehuman/Richard SachsNYUSA1:03:4400:44
643WELLS JakeStan'S Notubes Elite CxCOUSA1:04:1101:11
731WINTERBERG LukasMg-Cycling TeamUNKSUI1:04:2701:27
877GARRIGAN MikeNYCAN1:04:3301:33
932MILNE ShawnBoulder Cycle Sport/Yoga GloMAUSA1:04:3501:35
1035TOWNSEND JeromeJoe'S Garage Cx P/B Bikereg.ComMAUSA1:04:3901:39
1133WERNER KerryOptum Pro Cycling Cx TeamNCUSA1:04:5201:52
1247WITTWER GregC3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.VAUSA1:04:5901:59
1337SCHEMPF WestonSeavs/Haymarket Pb Van DesselMDUSA1:05:0302:03
1445GAFFNEY LewisAmerican Classic Pro Team Cx TeamNMUSA1:05:1802:18
1563CHABANOV DanielHouse Industries/Simplehuman/Richard SachsNYUSA1:05:3002:30
1659OBERMAN ColeRarediseasecycling.OrgPAUSA1:05:5102:51
176MARION RobertAmerican Classic Pro TeamNCUSA1:05:5902:59
1836MYERSON AdamTeam Cycle-SmartMAUSA1:06:0203:02
1972WAITE NickPro Tested GearVAUSA1:06:1103:11
2039NOILES KevinVoler/Steven'S Creek B.M.W./Hrs/RocklobsterONCAN1:06:5303:53
2141RYAN AlexMock Orange Pro Cx TeamNCUSA1:07:0804:08
2273D'AVINO MarkToasted Head RacingPAUSA1:07:1704:17
2364MIHALIK MichaelFreddie Fu Cycling TeamPAUSA1:07:2004:20
2469ORDONS StevenPhiladelphia CiclismoPAUSA1:07:2304:23
2565PANTELLERE SeanStampede!MAUSA1:07:2404:24
2660MEADVANCORT JonahKms Cycling- Killington Mountain SchoolNYUSA1:08:0305:03
2751BROOKS AndyThe Cycle WorksPAUSA1:08:2605:26
2846MESSER AndrewTeam Upland Brewing - Soma CoffeeINUSA@ 1 lap
2970WOLF DanPro Tested GearMDUSA@ 1 lap
3075FESTA MikePhiladelphia CiclismoPAUSA@ 1 lap
3140NIETERS JaredSeavs/Haymarket Pb Van DesselVAUSA@ 2 laps
3271WHITNEY GregBicycle Therapy / MelittaPAUSA@ 2 laps
3376CARTER KevinMDUSA@ 2 laps
3462NIEMOTKO SzymonCentral Jersey Cycling TeamNJUSA@ 2 laps
3552LEBAIR CraigPhiladelphia CiclismoPAUSA@ 3 laps
3661COMEAU RyanTeam Lake EffectOHUSA@ 3 laps
3766COOPER EvanHudson-Flash CyclocrossNJUSA@ 3 laps
3868BEELS Marten T RobertsLamprey CyclingPAUSA@ 4 laps
3950LACOSTA CodyHigh Gear Cyclery/ CannondaleNJUSA@ 4 laps
DNF44LASLEY JacobTeam SoundponyOKUSA
DNF58SITLER JakeVan Dessel Factory TeamPAUSA
DNF57PIGGA JoeLamprey SystemsPAUSA
DNF38FAVATA ChristianTrt BicyclesNYUSA
DNF56SNYDER JordanC3 Twenty Twenty CyclingPAUSA
DNF42DILLON JoshuaBikereg.Com Elite Cycling TeamVTUSA
DNF74ADASAVAGE GeraldCrca/Weather Channel Cycling TeamPAUSA
DNS53MONTALBANO MikeToasted Head RacingNJUSA
DNS67VILELLA JordanPro Tested GearPAUSA
DNS79YOZELL MichaelKapelmuur IndependentPAUSA

2014 Nittany Lion Cyclocross Day 2 - Women's Results

128VAN GILDER LauraVan Dessel P/B Mellow MushroomPAUSA0:42:09
233NOBLE EllenJam Fund / NccMAUSA0:42:10
313DURRIN GabriellaNeon Velo Cycling TeamUNKGBR0:42:28
48KEMMERER ArleyPb2 Pro CyclingPAUSA0:42:52
534BARBOSSA StaceyMidatlantic Colavita Women'S TeamNJUSA0:42:56
623MAXIMENKO CassandraRare Vos Racing/Van Dessel/PowerbarCTUSA0:43:07
738BOWMAN BrittleeHouse Industries/Simplehuman/Richard SachsNYUSA0:43:13
886NORTHCOTT KaterineNess Team New EnglandNHUSA0:43:16
939LYSAKOWSKI KathleenCycle LodgeMAUSA0:43:16
1066FAHRINGER RebeccaJam Fund / NccRIUSA0:43:20
1145CUMMING KathrynTeam Yacht ClubNJUSA0:43:27
1282SORNSON CherylTeam Rare Disease CyclingPAUSA0:43:47
1331THIEMANN NicoleRare Disease CyclingPAUSA0:43:54
1443YEAGER SeleneRare Disease CyclingPAUSA0:44:02
1544TUFANO AllysonSportif Coaching Group/Patapsco Bike And SportMDUSA0:44:10
1672SANSOME Carol JeaneCounty Cycles Masters Cx P/B TrekMNUSA0:44:14
1732HUNTER JulieSeavs/Haymarket Pb Van DesselVAUSA0:44:20
1847BARCLAY VickiStan'S Notubes Elite Women'S TeamPAGBR0:44:25
1937MORRISON FrancesC3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.MAUSA0:44:32
2073RATHBUN LaurelRaleigh-ClementCOUSA0:44:41
2154HENRIQUES AliceZanconato RacingDCUSA0:45:02
2240SHIELDS KatherineKen'S Bike ShopNCUSA0:45:10
2355GATES VictoriaJam Fund / NccMAUSA0:45:11
2481GROGAN JoanneCyclocrossracing.ComVTUSA0:45:19
2569MONAHAN VickieNycross P/B CraftCTUSA0:45:32
2650WULFKUHLE KathleenC3 Twenty 20 Cycling Co.PAUSA0:45:58
2785TILSON MistyPro Tested GearVAUSA0:46:00
2863WEAVER RachelNugo/KoelesPAUSA0:46:00
2948KUTZ JessicaTeam Eps/Cssp/B Shebell & Shebell /Riptide Cycling, Inc.PAUSA0:46:10
3064WALKER KatinaBike Loft EastNYUSA0:46:11
3135SHIELDS EmilyKen'S Bike ShopNCUSA0:46:31
3262JORGENSEN LauraMellow Mushroom RacingFLUSA0:46:43
3376MCCAFFERY VanessaStan'S Notubes/Corning Race TeamNYUSA0:46:48
3446POPOVIC CarolynEngin Cycles P/B KelpiusPAUSA0:46:49
3557REYNOLDS EmilyLadies First RacingMAUSA0:46:49
3687NORDHEM JenniferCrca: Stan'S Notubes P/B EndurancewerxNYUSA0:47:06
3756DUNN RobinMtbnj.Com-Halter'SNJUSA0:47:07
3880BREYLA AmyC3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.DEUSA0:47:40
3965CHURCH KristinePeanut Butter & Co Human ZoomPAUSA0:47:41
4060FACCONE ErinGpm SportMAUSA0:47:53
4170HEINRICH HeatherWooden Wheels RacingDEUSA0:47:57
4241PRESNELL MelissaRogue Velo RacingVAUSA0:48:02
4374NABHOLZ AprilGiant Northeast GrassrootsPAUSA0:48:04
4468TAUSCHER JuliannePedalpowertraining.ComMAUSA@ 1 lap
4553MASCELLI ErinSram FactoryPAUSA@ 1 lap
4683SCHEIFELE CatiToasted Head RacingPAUSA@ 1 lap
4767MCALLISTER DanaPeanut Butter And Co. Human ZoomPAUSA@ 1 lap
4871PARSONS TaraCrca/AmritaNYUSA@ 1 lap
4984OISHI AllisonTeam Mtbnj.Com - Halter'SNJUSA@ 1 lap
5078FERRO ShaneCrca / Rockstar Games / Signature CyclesNYUSA@ 1 lap
5161FESTA LaurenPeanut Butter & Co. Human ZoomPAUSA@ 2 laps
5275RABBIT TravisQcw P/B Breakawaybikes.ComCTUSA@ 2 laps
DNF58TIMM LeslieLadies First RacingMAUSA
DNS36IVES JennyVerge Sport-Test PilotNYUSA
DNS51YOZELL EricaBicycle Therapy / MelittaPAUSA
DNS59SEMIAN BaileyC3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.PAUSA
DNS79THOMPSON CaitlinPeanut Butter & Co. Human ZoomPAUSA