Back at Interbike 2013, we caught a first look of Niner’s first gravel bike: The RLT 9 Gravel. A year and a half later, Niner is back releasing a new gravel lineup of Reynolds 853 steel bikes called the RLT 9 Steel. Unlike the cyclocross race-oriented Niner BSB 9 RDO we reviewed in Issue 26, the RLT 9 Steel gravel bikes will come with a quick release rather than a thru axle.

Niner’s all-new RLT 9 Steel, built with Reynolds 853 tubing. © Niner Bikes Niner’s all-new RLT 9 Steel, built with Reynolds 853 tubing. © Niner Bikes

A few initial details: The models will start to be available in April of this year, with frames priced at $1,499. You can use the slider at the bottom for the full list of builds and color choices. All of the bikes come with three bottle cage mounts for the serious all-day adventures. Sizes come in the following: 47, 50, 53, 56, 59 and 62. Press release from Niner below:

RLT 9 Steel Approach

While other frame materials fall in and out of favor, steel stands the test of time. Finely constructed steel frames, crafted and welded by the best builders, have continued to be the benchmark other materials measure themselves against. The RLT9 Steel delivers a flawless synthesis of form and function into a frame that makes every ride open for adventure. From mounting panniers and racks for camping to traveling the gravel road that curves out of sight, the RLT9 is more than capable for the open road.

You ride the road less traveled. Adventure calls for a well-engineered frame with technology capable of keeping you moving. The Niner RLT9 is where performance, durability, and ride quality meet. Adventure awaits.

RLT 9 Steel Design

The RLT 9 Steel was purpose built for adventure. Every consideration was made with convenience and compatibility in mind. We’ve blended the historic Reynolds 853 tubing with modern design characteristics utilizing thru-axle technology and a tapered steel headtube. To conquer any and all terrain, the RLT9 can accommodate either a double or triple chainring. If simplicity is your thing, a single ring is an option.

The collaboration of superior craftsmanship and the finest materials with contemporary design fine tunes the ride quality while producing a strong and resilient frame. Supple and trustworthy 853 tubing absorbs road chatter, yet still gives you feedback. There is no “dead” feeling or jarring bumps just a supple, comfortable ride that shifts your focus from tracking the miles to remembering the moments.

Classic lines and modern functionality elegantly converge into a frame that is characteristically Niner. The eloquently TIG-welded Reynolds 853 tubing showcases precision, strength and durability. The gravel tuned carbon fork is designed for all day adventure and comfort on any road surface.

RLT 9 Steel Geometry and Details

All-Day Adventure Tuned Geometry featuring a slightly longer chain stay, lower bottom bracket and slacker head tube angle makes the RLT ideal for extended hours in the saddle with uncompromising ride control and quality.

Frame features include rear rack pannier braze-ons for when the adventure lasts longer than a few hours, and three sport-beer compatible water bottle mounts ensuring you have fuel in places that don’t.

Multiple drivetrain configurations are available with the RLT. Geared-speaking, the frame is compatible with a double or triple chainring crankset to accommodate rides that point skyward for extended periods of time. Single speed options are taken care of with a PF BB30 bottom bracket which can be run single or geared, allowing you to pick your pleasure. Descending from such heights is kept in check with low-profile post-mount disc brakes for superior stopping power in any weather.

With geometry tailored to all-day comfort and control, adventure awaits. All you have to do is ride there.

More info:

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Niner’s all-new RLT 9 Steel frame, with the Dirty White/Blood Red color scheme. © Niner Bikes

Niner’s all-new RLT 9 Steel frame, with the Dirty White/Blood Red color scheme. © Niner Bikes

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