Sidi to offer new saddle line

Following on its highly successful and prohibitively expensive line of heated insoles, Sidi will be unveiling its first venture outside the shoe market, applying its heater and fabric technologies to the world of saddles.

“We have our high-performing Lorica material and our lightweight rechargeable heating elements,” said a Sidi spokesman, “It just made sense to use the two for a saddle application.”

The saddle, meant more for long-distance riders and winter training, will have obvious cyclocross applications as well.  While the company is keeping the details and design under wraps, the prototype model will be on display at Interbike 2009. Its target weight is 312 grams with titanium rails, about 100 grams heavier than a typical racing saddle.

In attempt to remain true to their slogan “Nothing fits champions like Sidi, the company plans to offer the saddle in three widths: racing, men’s and women’s. Sidi approximates the new saddle will retail in the United States at an astounding $495, but says it’s a small price to pay for a big benefit.

“Look at it this way– you’ll no longer have to worry about freezing your ass off,” said Sidi’s Asino del Frigidio.

Stay tuned for our full review this fall (once the temperature drops). Live in a cold area and want to test one? Drop a comment below. While we’re not sure about the price tag, we’re sure it’s gotta be more comfortable than this.