Prestaflator Tire Inflator and Gauge

Prestaflator Tire Inflator and Gauge. photo: manfacturer

Most of us cyclists need all the upper body exercise we can get. Thus the dozen or two occasional strokes of the floor pump to inflate a ‘cross tire is often welcomed exercise for the little-used biceps and triceps.

But come cyclocross season, perhaps the strain of pumping up the tires of your race bike, spare wheels, pit bike, buddy’s bike, and maybe your whole team’s quiver gets a bit tiring.  Or have you gone mad pumping as fast as you can to seat a tubeless tire? Or maybe you’re just tired of imprecise gauges and pumps and want an upgrade to the latest and greatest? Or do the extra pump strokes required by your high-pressure road tires nearly give you a stroke of your own?

If any of these scenarios apply to you, the Prestaflator may be your next must-have gadget. The Prestflator is a presta valve tire inflator for precise tire inflation when using an air compressor. So it alone won’t solve your problems, but when combined with the compressor of your choice, it’ll make you the most popular guy or gal on your team.

The prestaflator offers an easy-to-read analog guage, an 18″ hose, a heavy-duty Silca-like presta chuck, and a trigger that offers small bursts for precise inflation in 2 psi increments or less. And despite the name, the Prestaflator can also be used with schraeder valves with a secure, threaded connection.

The unit is fully rebuildable, and replacement o-rings and washers are available.

Valve compatibility: Presta and Schraeder
Requires: Air compressor
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Stay tuned as we put ours through the test during the next round of bike tests, tubeless conversions, and tubular gluing. Our first, eco-friendly test: Will it also work with an old floor pump and an intern pumping furiously?