Does a 20 pound race bike sound heavy or light to you?

We’ve got a new poll to gauge the weight-weenie tendencies of you all: We want to know how much your race-ready cyclocross bike weighs.  We at CXM have been fortunate to test a number of high-end race bikes. Even the lightest carbon models as spec’d with pedals are typically 18 pounds or heavier. With a light pair of race wheels, certainly 17 pounds is possible, but beyond that, it starts to get a bit more difficult and pricey.

Tell us what your bike weighs, if you know and have cared to find out. But if you haven’t weighed it, don’t guess. This is a super-scientific poll, after all.

And yes, we realize you might have a size 64 cm bike or a singlespeed, but hey, we can’t make this too complicated. Take our new poll on the right of our site.