This is part three of an ongoing series of 2015 National Championship-winning cyclocross bike profiles, fresh of title-winning rides and Zilker mud. (See Mo Bruno Roy’s Mudhoney Pro singlespeed here and Phil Bannister’s Parlee here.)

Think you need a $6000, top-of-the-line machine to win a National Championship? Think again. For some racers, especially Masters racers, the need to be comfortable, have the right fit, and have appropriate gearing and componentry is more important than having the lightest bike or matching Jeremy Powers’ bikes. Masters 70-74 winner Dean Ferrandini might have taken the most unique approach in building up his title-winning cyclocross bike. The former Hollywood stuntman and downhill racer is used to doing things a little differently than normal, and his bike is consistent with that approach.

Ferrandini’s ride based around an aluminum Cannondale Flash mountain bike built for 26″ wheels, but Ferrandini swapped in NoTubes Crest 29er wheels with cyclocross tires and still had enough clearance to roll around in the mud. Have a look at his unique winning bike through the slideshow below. Use the arrow buttons to navigate.

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While new cyclocross racers might be intrigued with his creation, old timers are familiar with his approach. It wasn’t that long ago when those interested in cyclocross were forced to piece together “frankenbikes” from leftover road and mountain bike parts from seasons prior. Optimized for the demands of cyclocross racing, these rigs were often as unique as the personalities that brought them to life.

While industry now accommodates the demands of the discriminating ‘cross geek, the frankenbikes remain beside and underneath their eccentric owners on the trail and at the race course. Dean rode his one-of-a-kind bike to a 2015 National Championship victory in the Masters 70-74 category in Austin, Texas.

While the Cannondale Flash mountain bikeframe is designed to accommodate 26″ wheels, Dean is running a tubeless NoTubes Crest 29er mountain bike wheelset with Vittoria TNT XL tubeless tires.

Continuing in the mountain bike stylings Dean has established, he chose a tremendous 470mm wide bar, but only after checking the rulebook to see how wide he could legally go.

Dean Ferrandini's Masters 70-74 National Championship-winning Cannondale Flash "frankenbike." © Cyclocross Magazine

Dean Ferrandini’s Masters 70-74 National Championship-winning Cannondale Flash “frankenbike.” © Cyclocross Magazine

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