Moots Suitcase of Courage at NAHBS 2014. © James Thomas

Moots “Suitcase of Courage” travel ’cross bike at NAHBS 2014. © James Thomas

by James Thomas

The Moots Psychlo X showcased at NAHBS was ready for adventure, anywhere. A two-part frame joined with S&S Couplers, the “Suitcase of Courage” travel ’cross bike was built for Moots International Sales Director Matt Alford, who spends most of his time on the road, living out of—you guessed it—a suitcase.

The titanium bike has and 45cm chainstays. It was shown with 40mm tires, and had ample clearance due to the long  chainstays. Since Alford takes the bike everywhere and always travels with 25mm road tires too, the bike was designed to be used on the road for local group rides, as well as for off-road exploring and ’cross-style adventures.

Moots Suitcase of Courage at NAHBS 2014. © James Thomas

Beefy 40mm wide tires on the Moots travel ’cross bike at NAHBS 2014. © James Thomas

The custom titanium bike stand that held the bike was definitely getting a lot of attention at the show, which makes sense since the guys at the Moots factory spent a lot of time on those designs—not as much as they spend on the frames, but close! Basically, it consisted of a small titanium fork clamp and a bottom bracket mount, both of which bolted to holes in the suitcase. The makeshift workstand also allows Alford to assemble and work on his bike in his hotel room.

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Stay tuned for plenty of cyclocross, gravel and general bike eye candy from NAHBS 2014 in the next few days.