Master Women lining up for the start.  ©Brian Nelson

Master Women lining up for the start. ©Brian Nelson

Maurine Sweeney took the 60-64 win in the Masters Women’s race earlier this week, over favored racer Tove Shere. We chatted with her post-race to get an idea as to what the race was really like.

On missing out on racing the Championships at Madison… Unfortunately, up in Madison I fell in the non-championship race and broke my wrist. Two surgeries later and cyclocross stared this season and it didn’t really bother me, so I just went for it!

On her race tactics… She [Tove Shere] passed me on Pete’s Plunge, the first really steep off-camber hill. I managed to stay within 50 yards of her, sometimes getting closer. Unfortunately she fell on that same area, Pete’s Plunge, on the last lap, and I was able to pass her at that time and just held out for the win.

On being behind Tove until the final lap… You never want to be content.

On the course… It’s a hard course to pass on. There were not very many places where one could get past someone. The nice thing about Valmont is they can do so much with it. But this is really technically challenging, and would have been if it were completely dry too.

On racing ’cross… I love it.

Watch the full interview here:

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