The MABRAcross Series has announced its upcoming seven-race program. In a break with east-coast tradition, the 2008 MABRAcross will utilize NASCAR-style scheduling with only one race each weekend. According to MABRA Cyclocross Director Chip Sovek, “Occasional multi-race weekends are great, but if you do it too often you run the risk of diluting the anticipation for the series. Most of our racers are amateurs and age-groupers with families and responsibilities outside of racing. Instead of burning them out or making them pick and choose which weekends they can travel, we wanted to give them the opportunity to compete in every race of one of the country’s premier ‘cross series, and still have time to fix the house, do homework or have a recovery day. Our goal is that more racers will sign on to race every race in the series.” The MABRAcross season kicks off with two of its signature events, the Ed Sander Memorial on September 28 and the Breast Cancer Awareness Cyclocross on October 4. The heart of the season sees three races that have been very successful in their own right joining the BikeReg series, DCCX, Rockburn Cross and Virginia’s Urban Cross. Rounding out the season will be two staples of the MABRAcross Series on either side of the Thanksgiving Holiday: the appropriately named Tacchino Cicliocross (“tacchino” is Italian for “turkey”) and the MABRA Championships promoted by the family of U.S. Olympic Cycling Team member Bobby Lea.

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2008 MABRAcross Schedule:

September 28, Ed Sander Memorial at Lilypons, Buckeystown Maryland

October 4, Breast Cancer Awareness Race, Hagerstown Maryland

October 26, DCCX, Washington DC

November 2, Rockburn Cross, Elkridge/Howard County Maryland

November 9, Urban Cross, Charlottesville Virginia

November 23, Tacchino Cicliocross, Leesburg Virginia

November 30, MABRA Cyclocross Championships, Taneytown Maryland