Luke Keough - Tabor Cyclocross World CupCXM Contributing writer Christine Vardaros caught up with U.S. Junior National Cyclocross Champion Luke Keough in Tabor after his World Cup race for a brief chat to get his thoughts on his racing in Europe (we had a full interview of Luke in our Issue 3 of the print magazine). Here is what he had to say:

CXM: So, how did the race go today?

LK: I got a front row call-up from last year’s results such as my 10th at worlds where I was the 3rd 17 yr old there. That was much better than last week where I was the last one called up because it was supposedly random.

During the race I was there for the first two laps riding where I wanted to be but then a French kid went down right in front of me and we both went over the bars; then I dropped back to the next group.

I went for another 2 laps until a Czech kid went down. But after that there were no more mistakes. I’ve gotten really good, I thought, I was perfectly confident in the turns. The course was great.

CXM: How long have you been over here?

LK: We have been in Belgium for 2 weeks now. We did Kalmthout first. I had a last row call-up and ended up 15th in the race – which wasn’t bad. We do Koppenberg next then a race after that, then Pijnacker World Cup and possibly one more race before flying out Wednesday. We will get all world cups in before Nationals.

CXM: What is the difference between racing here and back in America?

LK: Courses are absolutely insane here. Technical, fast and just the amount of fast riders. In US you have 2-3 fast guys you can race with but here the top 20-30 guys all have the same strength…then you got some who are even faster. Insane competition. And everyone is good on the technical stuff.

The euro scene is awesome, but you have to have a lot of respect for the US -it has grown so much.

CXM: Where are you staying and with whom?

LK: I am staying at the Noel house with Danny Summerhill and Bjorn Selander – U-23’s. Maybe I’ll come back for Christmas camp in December, but definitely two weeks before Worlds to prepare for Worlds.

CXM: So what can you tell your fans about you that we may not already know?

LK: No nickname – just Luke. I try to be open – I am pretty basic.

CXM: And I gotta ask the question for the girls out there who think you’re a super stud, are you available?

LK: Yes I am. There is no girlfriend.

CXM: I’m sure there will be some pleased faces out there! Can they email Cyclocross Magazine with their resume and photo?

LK: Sure, they can do that!